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Herp derp.

So yeah, the BP machines they use at the surgery don't like me, and couldn't get a reading. Instead of using a manual cuff (oh noes), the doctor scheduled an ECG today for me since that can give you a BP reading, along with checking for heart murmurs and shit. None of my doctors in the US ever said anything, and they never had a problem finding my BP on a manual cuff, but whatever. She's not terribly concerned since my pulse seemed normal (she said there was a couple skips but everything was within normal ranges), but she also can't do anything much until she gets a baseline BP. So, that's at 2pm, but I'll head out at 1 so I can poke around Boots--it only takes like 5 minutes max to get to the surgery, which is pretty awesome.

I also have my Pap smear scheduled for next Thursday at 2pm. I'm *so* looking forward to it, but I need to do it, and I won't need another one for 3 years, so I'll get it out of the way. Like the doctor said, it'll take some time for me to build a medical record in the UK, but she's incredibly nice so that's a plus.

Speaking of the doctor, Steve needs to schedule his blood work--I think he's planning that for the 11th, since he took the day off to do his MOT. It'll be an expensive month between MOT and Road Tax, but nothing he can't handle I suppose. We're also thinking about rescheduling Yarmouth, since I think both of us need a quiet weekend--especially since his certification test is next Friday. No skin off my nose, it's not like there isn't plenty of summer left.

And, Taco Bell down London-way. One of these days it better make it's way up to Northampton at least, that's pretty ghey otherwise :(

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