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I'm still on the laptop--it's magically working (kinda) again, so I'll go with it for today since WoW's graphics are better on here. The only bitch is tweeking my UI for a much smaller screen, and if maintenance ever finished I'd be able to get around to it, bugger. I'm going to try tinkering with Power Auras since I've always been too lazy to work with it, but a load of people swear by it, so I figured I'd give it a go.

The only bitch about running three death knights through the dungeon finder tool is when they all live in the same house--me, Steve and Iain rolled against the Needle Encrusted Scorpion thingy in PoS(h) and Steve won. He was going to give it to me or Iain, but I badgered him into giving it to Iain since it's his fucking son, and I can buy one with emblems or something. Maybe. Meh.

Steve's back at work--his back is still a bit sore, but he was up at his desk last night without too many problems. As long as he keeps up on his codeine and ibuprofen he should be okay, along with taking it a bit slow. And he's still off work this Friday for his MOT and Monday...well, just because.

Like I said on FB, I'm finally starting to get into the World Cup spirit a little, if only for the match this weekend. It's like the Soccer Gods (or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) thought it'd be hilarious to match the US and England together off the bat to see who can epically fail more. I don't really expect us to win since soccer is ever so slightly less popular in the US than England--but, I'd piss myself laughing if we did manage to win. I feel a little bad though, since there's Team England shit *everywhere* and I can't get anything cool for Team USA :( I'd like to buy the official team's jacket from Nike, but I don't have a cool 100 bucks hanging around looking pretty. But, I did buy 'official' Team England coffee mugs (I don't really think they're official at all, but they're not plastic so that's nice) for really cheap. I bought one for myself since it's a lot smaller than my other ones, and good for travelling. I also bought one for my mom for August--it'll be her birthday, and I want to send her a small package as a present. I figure if I get a few of the less tacky England items, and some chocolate or biscuits that might be good, since I want to get things she'd only find in England (to the best of my ability anyway). So, I'll hide the spare one upstairs and see what I can do for a package since it's already June.

Oh, and Lady Antebellum--'Need You Now' is bloody brilliant. I downloaded it since bugger to buying the whole CD for one song, or fucking with Steve's iTunes account. I never missed country music before moving over here, but I do miss it a bit if only for the unique American-ness I associate with it, removing it from the other stuff I typically hear over here.



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