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I really wish Steve would get angry sometimes. Like the whole HM Revenue saying we owe them 300 quid for whatever reason--they don't explain any of it in the letter, nor give any information about even paying them back. They just do a bunch of math and come to a £300 conclusion.

I wish he'd get pissed off. Not berate the person you get on the phone type of thing, but it's okay to tell them to shove the child tax credit. It's a fucking £10 a week at that, and fuck me, it's not making much of a difference as it stands right now. Let the money go to other people who need it, and then have HM Revenue come back and demand money from them for their mistakes. He said he can't tell them to shove it--why not? I wasn't saying he had to be nasty or use fuck and shit and ass and stuff on the phone, but really. Especially since you try to call them, and they put you on hold for 20 minutes while the credit on your phone goes down--so they want £300, plus all of the credit on his cell phone so he can finally talk to someone. Lovely. There's nothing wrong with telling them to shove the credit up their butt, especially since we'll stop getting it once Iain turns 16 pretty much. Steve, get angry--it's okay. HM Revenue/IRS usually deserves it because they're so antiquated and convoluted--seriously, the tax credit system here can fuck itself. I'm still wondering why they don't just cut his tax bracket a little and let him take home that £10 a week instead. Oh wait, no, they can't, since they love tax revenue, and doling out tax credits is an awesome form of control and job security for the twats who work for HM Revenue. I forgot, I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm cranky today. I'm done with summer holidays, it's rainy, and I get to go brave the lines at Boots today to get Steve's pills since he's all out. Neither of us can sleep very well at night anymore, so we're both zombies during the day, and urgh. I'm pretty certain Iain will go to his mom's next week while Steve's in Glasgow since his mate will be back in town and it just makes life easier. No skin off my nose.

I feel kinda bad for Steve's GM though--last month he flew to Australia for two weeks for work--middle of winter, so he said it was miserable. This week, he flew back out to Australia on Monday, and he's flying back today--he was there for a whopping 2 days or so. Poor guy, Steve says he looks a bit ragged nowadays, and I don't blame him. Fuck, haven't they heard of Skype?

Steve and the IT guy at work are planning an awesome PC for Steve--the guy will build it since computers are his life and he's willing to do it for a decent price. I guess they spent all day Tuesday talking about it since they share an office, since I think Steve wants a sturdier machine for WoW, at least downstairs--the laptop can go on his desk upstairs. I'd like to upgrade this beast before Cataclysm since it's a bit laggy with my current UI, but whatever.

And ICC tonight--holy shit, I'm scared :O I'll just pewpew my little heart out, and not stand in the frosty shit.

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