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This won't be a Blog Challenge 30 Day post today. I can't really be arsed to do anything more complex than type, and I need to go onto youtube for the next entry. Maybe tomorrow, but don't hold me to it.

I'm just going to blather on about stuff that's been happening in general. This weekend will be my amg one year anniversary of coming to the UK and I'm...meh. It doesn't particularly excite me in the way I'd expect/hope for. We may go out for dinner or something, Steve mentioned booking a table for Saturday night, for Indian or whatever. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, and like I said, I'm very blah about it. That's not to say I'm not appreciative to be here, and to be with Steve, not at all. Maybe it's just some depressive slump where I can't really get particularly excited about *anything* /shrug

I had one of my rare moments of pure anxiety this last weekend, and it was really lame since it was all over WoW. I went to lunch with Steve's folks just fine--had a lovely time at a chinese buffet in Weston Favell (huge buttfucking shopping mall area here in Northampton). There was a bunch of people I didn't know there, but Steve didn't know them either so it was a bit easier than it'd normally be, and Steve's sister made it a point to sit near us and chat. I even got to chase after her two year old as he went running through the restaurant, and goddamn is he heavy--and it doesn't help when they wiggle either O.o With that said--still want a babeh. But that's another post.

We had our weekly raid scheduled with our guild for Sunday evening. It was Razorscale, who resides in Ulduar--a raid I've never been in save the first bit to farm love tokens during Valentine's Day (before they nerfed it). I thought it'd be fine, easy peasy--till I realized we had to go through Flame Levithan to get to Razorscale. And I hadn't ever done vehicle combat before in Ulduar. And the RL paired me up with the guild leader in one vehicle, and then I just freaked. I panicked. I got the worst hot flash ever, and I just told Steve I had to leave--I kept repeating it over and over until I just got out of my chair and ran upstairs to bed, leaving my mage logged in. Thankfully Steve sorted it all out and told them I wasn't feeling well, and once they sorted out their numbers they were able to down Razorscale. But no, I couldn't fucking handle it since I'm such a big baby, and I freaked. It seems like I'm always anxious and worried about something lately, or I'm irritiable, or whatever, and while I don't like myself like this, I also don't fancy the notion of telling a random stranger about all my problems. The only reason why I'm able to write about it here is because the internet creates that buffer zone between people that I find most comforting. Bleh. So we'll see what the weekly is this week, but I'll be pugging them from now on--no more signing up for anything with the guild for the foreseeable future.

Now time to kick Iain off the Digimon, since it's fucking eating into our bandwith >.<



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