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omg, you guys--this last week sucked.

I haven't gotten sick in years I don't think--maybe a sniffly nose here or there, but nothing noteworthy. I didn't even get a flu shot last year since by the time they became available in places like Superdrug or Boots it was November, and I got lazy and forgot.

This year though, I made up for it. I got the mother of flus last week that I'm still recovering from. I don't know wtf it is/was, except that I had a hellacious fever, chills, aches, and 'digestive issues' that I won't go into. I wasn't stuffy, didn't have coughing or congestion or anything, just the fever and my stomach.

I'm like 90% better now--the fever broke on Friday, so the chills and aches and headache went away. I'm still having tummy issues and I'm not sure what to do with those : / On one hand, I get loads of sympathy from Steve who's suffered through his mountain of stomach issues, but then again I imagine he thinks this is small hat to when he lost 6 stone in 2 weeks and had to be hospitalized for 4 days when they diagnosed his Crohn's.

It also had to be one of two of his busiest weeks at work (the other being this week, then he's off next week). So, on top of 10 hour days (along with sorting stuff out here at home via phone) he had to do all the housework--he didn't bitch once, and wouldn't let me do anything, which left me feeling awkward. Even this weekend, when I was starting to rise from the dead, he banned me from laundry duty :( Thankfully I should be able to take over this week, but last week I was just completely wiped out.

Oh, and holy shit--less than a month till Cataclysm :O I won't get Loremaster before then, I'm stuck on Outland a bit (one quest here, one quest there type of thing) and this flu has zapped all energy I had for it :( I find myself just wanting to screw around on a baby alt somewhere for the next 30 days, and being lazy--I'm burnt out on my 80s.

Steve might also get the new computer he commissioned his IT workmate/friend to build. He's going around to this guy's house on the 15th since they'll both be on vacation and he'll load WoW on the rig. He might be bringing it home that day if it's ready to go. I r jealous, since it's going to be a beast of a rig that will run WoW beautifully, but it's Steve's birthday present to himself, so it makes me happy for him.



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