Jan. 6th, 2010


Jan. 6th, 2010 10:27 am
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Damnit I hate snow, especially since it's next to impossible for Steve to stay home because of it. Schools in Daventry are closed today, but Iain's over at his mom's--I'm not sure about tomorrow, since I'm not sure what the weather will be like. But schools can be pussies over here, and the cold weather starts to depress me after a while I guess. Our Sky is playing up, so I'm upstairs watching DVDs with the cat--Alien at the moment, just because I can.

Steve's appointment yesterday was fairly uneventful--the doctor said his colonoscopy looked good, no signs of cancer, and his blood work was all fairly normal for someone on Azathioprine. He wants to see Steve in six months due to the Aza, but such an appointment might have been better as a phone consulation more than anything else. 2 pounds worth of parking for a 30 minute appointment, urgh. And the maternity ward at Northampton looks like something out of Silent Hill--Steve told me I'd be there in a year or two, but I can't tell if he was joking or not : /

I'm in a nesting mood again, but I keep thinking about how selfish these urges are. Everyone (i.e. Steve and his kids) seem to have a fairly decent, balanced life right now--if I were to have a baby, that would throw everything out of whack, and all because I want to be a mom to more than a cat. Yeah, I'm technically a step-mom, but the kids are older and more established, and they have both parents within 5 minutes of each other--I'm more a glorified babysitter at times than anything else. I don't want to be 40 and wishing I had a baby of my own--I know me and Steve have discussed it before, but it's still stuff that weighs on my mind a bit.

It's also hard to make those plans since I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to with probationary citizenship--what fees are involved, paperwork, etc. It might strain the house even more to throw a baby on top of it, even though Steve said he could sort out the housing issue with the housing association if I were to have a baby (i.e. they'd give him a 3 bedroom house since the child would technically be British).

He's also canceling his credit card through RBS--all because he missed a £2 payment in November, the computer is refusing to reinstate his credit limit (which actually was £3200, not £1500). He told them politely to stuff the credit card and that he'd be canceling in the middle of the month once he paid off the rest of his balance. I guess that's what you get after 10 years of paying on time, and above the minimum payments--but we can still buy our plane tickets with my debit card if *absolutely* necessary. Fuck you RBS.

I really wish it'd quit snowing, the novelty has quickly worn off :( Today is a long day of laundry and ironing--I was supposed to go out to buy a small gift for Iain's mum's birthday since Steve hasn't really had a chance to do it, and her birthday is today. But, Steve told me not to worry, him and Iain would sort it out this evening when he was done with work. It really should be something that her husband sorts out with the kids since her and Steve are technically exes--it'd be the same as me getting something for Steve for his birthday from the kids. It's especially hilarious since the kids never know what the presents actually are, so it's not like there's loads of thought put behind them. Urgh.



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