Jan. 8th, 2010


Jan. 8th, 2010 04:44 pm
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Real Life:

Steve threw out his back yesterday at work unloading stuff from the lorries. Last night he kept saying he'd go in today, but he had a rough night since it was incredibly hard for him to turn over so he called in sick today. His GM told him to just lay low, take ibuprofen and icy hot the bitch, though he's been semi-working from home via phone today. He would do more, but DHL won't give him a laptop with the files he needs to access nor the authenticators to get into the system, so it has to be by phone. Despite this, he painted one wall of the kitchen today--it was a small-ish bit over the cooker, but he's been trying to keep semi-active to keep the muscles from seizing up again. Schools were open in Daventry today, but there was no way for Steve to get Iain to school since getting in the car is a bit of a bitch, but I'm sure everything will be sorted by Monday *keeps fingers crossed*

I also lol at the thought of England running out of grit. I know this is the biggest snow storm in a generation or whatever, but really? Try a bit harder please.


I did a bit of tinkering on my death knight and priest today, trying to get some 'better gear' from Icecrown and Storm Peak quests so I don't look like total fail while in a dungeon. I dual-specced my priest holy/shadow since Steve wants me to heal for his newly 80 paladin (and he's learning how to tank by being protection/retribution specced). I'm terrified of healing since I imagine I'll be terribad at it, I got loads of research to do methinks. I also respecced my death knight to unholy to see my dps output on it, and it's kinda fun doing something different from just frost.



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