Jan. 10th, 2010


Jan. 10th, 2010 04:20 pm
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the snow is starting to leave a little bit--driving around Daventry today was pretty decent, and Steve said it seemed a bit warmer today even though I really didn't notice it much.

I've been having a lot of WoW problems lately though. I have 3 level 80s--Alyzabeth the mage, Yulianna the death knight, and Skellietta the priest. Alyzabeth is really the only decent one decked out in T9 stuff (not T9.25 or T9.5, just regular), since she's my main and the other two have just sat on the back burner for a while now. So, of course they're a bit shit--well undergeared, struggling to make money and do rep grinds and all that junk (neither Yulianna or Skellietta have epic flying). Yulianna can't even do heroics, and Skellietta pulls horrible dps (she's a spriest obviously), so I've just been banging my head against a wall this weekend.

Steve got his pally to 80, making it his 4th. I don't have anything near that, since my next highest level is 47. I'm fucking shit at this game, and I'm sick of just being regular, or just getting by. I don't even think Alyzabeth is anything to write home about, but she's the best I got out of my 80s, and she's my baby in a way. I'm just sick of sucking, while he's having an awesome time in the guild doing heroics with them and tanking and stuff while I'm on my own doing stupid Storm Peaks quests on Yulianna and Skellietta since I don't want to pay buttloads of gold for shit *just* to get me into dungeons.

Maybe I'm just in a funk because of the weather, I don't know--maybe the eternal snow has gotten on my tits and put me in a bad mood. It does get a bit annoying when you have everyone cooped up in one house together for days on end, so maybe I just need everything to go back to normal so I can get through my bad moods alone during the week.



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