Jan. 15th, 2010


Jan. 15th, 2010 09:59 am
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Flying back home this spring is going to be insanely expensive since I get the luxury not only of flying across the Atlantic, but across the fucking US as well. Fuck my family for living in Oregon, seriously. We might be able to get some deals, it just depends on when Steve wants to ask for holiday time, which may revolve around when said deals are in place. Bloody hell.

But I also want to go visit so bad--I miss my mom, her food, and my cat like crazy. I would murder a man for a decent taco right now.



Jan. 15th, 2010 09:13 pm
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People are fucking insane.

Steve was on his retribution paladin in HToC tonight trying to get better gear/emblems. A nice 1-handed sword dropped which was an upgrade for him by leaps and bounds, so he rolled need on it along with the tank. Steve won it, which caused the warrior to flip his shit--he called Steve a whore, told him to go kill himself, blah blah blah. The group was disbanded, then Steve gets whispered right after by someone, who I think was the warrior since it mentioned Steve getting skullfucked to death, more stuff about being a fucking whore, and that he would get tortured since he was a 'ninja'. He's still getting whispers right now--he's not answering any of them, and he's trying to report it to a GM since this is crossing the line of having a loot disagreement. It was a bloody offspec roll, which loads of people do every day, but most people don't have fucking mental and anger issues over it like this person is. It's fine to get pissed off, we've all found people who we'd love to throttle the shit out of, but most of us don't harrass said person in chat across servers via alts and the like. Creepy fucking shit.

Rashan, of Laughing Skull-EU: you are one sick fucker, and I hope you're not nearly as angry in real life as you appear to be in game. You scare me, and I hope you never have a girlfriend or pets or children since you seem to like to mention skullfucking a lot. So, you didn't get a sword, big fucking deal, quit being such a bitch and man up. And enjoy the GM ticket--lord knows what will happen with it (maybe nothing?), but you're seriously crossing the line into shit Blizzard doesn't like--harrassment/threats. Not cool.



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