Jan. 23rd, 2010


Jan. 23rd, 2010 09:53 am
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Soooo, yeah.

Tonight we'll be going out to the pub with Roger, since that's just what you do when you hang in Dav. It'll be nice, we haven't been out to the pubs in a while, and it'll be a nice start to the next couple of weeks, which should be decently busy methinks, with:

+Conception this next week, starting on Wednesday, going until the 1st of February.
+Six Nations Rugby starting on February 6th--Steve's inviting Roger over to 'watch it' (as much as a blind man can watch something) with beers and food and shit--it'll be fun, England vs Wales.
+Valentine's Day on a Sunday (which we'll most likely end up celebrating on Saturday night so Steve can drink a bit and not have to worry about getting up for work)

We'll also be booking our plane tickets for the States today--I'm nervous, and excited, and yeah. My mom is excited too, but I hate flying, urgh.

I was also told last night that Roger has a gal from So Cal that he's been talking to on Skype for a while, when they met on some dating website thing he's been a member of for like, ever. I lol'ed hard since I'm from San Jose, so I plan on picking his brain tonight about her.

We'll be getting one of those nifty internet dongle thingies for Conception as well--the internet that the lodge provides is incredibly expensive, so it's cheaper to get a dongle and share it between us. It probably won't be enough power for WoW or anything, but it'll be something for the evenings at least.



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