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Jan. 25th, 2010 09:35 am
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Guess what?

Yeah, we booked our plane tickets last night, holy shit. Steve was majorly stressing since he had to add all my information to his account to book the tickets, since the 'add traveler' option was being a piece of shit. It was especially confusing since he was booking it from Continental UK, not US, so they kept trying to prompt me for ESTA information until we found the option 'US Citizen' which seems to have cleared it up. I think he's getting a bit frustrated since every time he flies it's a different form to fill out from the last time, but afterwards he had a fag and felt better.

We'll be going to Oregon April 13th-22nd, and we'll be getting back into the UK on a Friday. It gives him 3 days to adjust back before going to work on Mondady, but it also means we won't be able to do 2 US trips this year. He told the kids they couldn't go this year since it's a bit expensive for him to be paying for 3 or 4 tickets, plus he wants me to be able to have time with my mom without having to keep a kid occupied all the time. He also mentioned about saving a bit more money than we normally do for my next visa, but next year we'll be able to take one of them over since he'll be able to save more money and holiday time at work.

It was £900 or so for the trip, but it'll be worth it--I miss my mom like crazy, and I know she's getting excited to be able to see me again. And Steve needs a vacation as well, so hopefully he can relax for a bit even though we'll be staying with my mom--but she's the most relaxed mom ever, so hopefully he can feel comfortable. But it's a bit surreal to face going back as well, since I'll be looking at it as a visitor, not a resident, and once our 1.5 weeks is up, we'll be coming back here. It means the world to me to be able to travel with Steve though, and to be able to come back here with him instead of sitting in Portland crying my eyes out while he leaves me behind.

I plan on buying some clothes (I find much better selection of fat girl clothes in the US), and eating loads of good food. Steve might do some clothes shopping as well since he gets a better deal in the US. Now we just need to convince his stepdad to drive us to Birmingham on April 13th, and sort out Gahzbag and we'll be set.

Got completely shitfaced on Saturday night as well. Me and Steve went to Spoonies for a meal while waiting for Roger to phone, but then Roger decided to go to Spoonies as well since their drinks are much cheaper than the other pubs. We put away 3 or 4 pints just with Roger until their other mate, Graham showed up--he was celebrating his birthday, so we sat with Graham's mates and had another pint before Spoonies closed for the night and kicked us out. After walking around the corner to get home (yes, we live that close) we tried to sleep off the alcohol, but it took a good 12 hours for everything to finally get out of my system, but I'm feeling more human today.

As for Conception, we'll be leaving Dav on Wednesday morning at 6am, picking up Roger and Pete, then heading for Bournemouth. We'll stop halfway for brekkie, then get there maybe for 10-11am, which gives us time to sort ourselves out in the lodge and do some shopping if need be. It'll be quite the drinking fest while we're there, especially on Sunday night I've heard, but I'll be good, I promise. And we should have the dongle for the internet (we're going on Tuesday night to get it since Steve wasn't in any condition to do it Sunday), so I might be around a bit, but we'll be sharing the dongle I think so who knows.

It should be fun though--Roger is awesome, and I find myself telling him and Steve things I would never tell anyone when I'm tipsy, but it's nothing bad or embarrassing. Roger has no love for Steve's ex-wife so we have lots of laughs about that, and he's told me about the effect I've had on Steve--Roger claims he's more himself than he has been in a long time, less stressed out, more easy-going, etc. It's things I couldn't see since I wasn't really privy to Steve on a face-to-face basis before 2006, so I use Roger when I'm nosey :P

Time to contemplate some brekkie I guess, we need to get rid of the bread and milk before tomorrow since we'll be shutting off the fridge then. It'll be takeout tonight since our freezer is bare, we'll have to do fuckloads of shopping when we get back.

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Something I just thought of now--for 2 months in a row, my cycle has been off slightly. Not in terms of timing, since I roughly come onto my PMS RAWR around this time of the month, but normally it's on for 5 days. Well, it's been roughly 5 days today, but it's been an extremely light cycle, similar to last month except last month was really only 3 days. I'm not *really* complaining except that it's odd--I don't really have overly painful cramps or anything, no signs of PCOS or anything, so I dunno. More odd than anything, but I'm glad it's wrapping up just in time for Conception, so at least I don't have to worry about it too much (I always have a few supplies in my purse just in case though).

Now, time to pack. Lovely. And I'm watching Barefoot Contessa, hoohah!



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