Jan. 30th, 2010


Jan. 30th, 2010 10:02 pm
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Still reporting from Bournemouth--we'll be back in the Midlands on Monday, since we have to be out of the chalets by 10am, and the cat needs picking up by 4pm or so. Figure a couple hours to get back, with a few loo/doggy breaks, so we'll probably be leaving sometime mid morning-ish. And 1gb of internet for £10 does get you a lot--me and Steve are sharing the dongle since it's enough internet for us, since we're not trying to play WoW on it or anything.

We started out of Daventry at roughly 6am on Wednesday after picking up Roger and Pete, another friend of Steve and Roger's. We all piled in the car, with Roger's seeing-eye dog Ivor stuffed in the back with them (hence all the aforementioned doggy breaks) and set out south. There wasn't much to see for most of the journey since it was still dark, but I don't imagine it was too terribly remarkable anyway, since we were making a straight line south to Bournemouth. After one loo and cigarette break, we stopped for breakfast at a 'RoadChef' in Rownham--Roger told me as we got out of the car not to expect quality from these places, but we were pretty damn hungry and we didn't know the area well enough to find a McDonalds (and Roger is diabetic, so he has to eat on a fairly regular schedule).

It was horrifying, to say the least. It was edible, but barely--£16 between me and Steve for a 'full' English breakfast and a burnt coffee.The toast was barely toasted and the portions were horrendously tiny, but we ate it anyway since we were desperate and they didn't seem like the types that would be eager to give us a refund. Roger wouldn't even really eat it except for the bacon and sausage, and he nibbled on the diabetic friendly candy he carries around so he could sort his blood sugar out. So, if you're ever down that way, please don't go to a RoadChef, since while we didn't get any intestinal bugs, it was a rip off and I'm sure we all could find better uses for £16.

We eventually got to Bournemouth at about 10am--we were then able to pick up the keys for the chalet, which is where Conception is being hosted. We sorted our stuff out and went to Tesco for food--£130 later and we had enough for 5 days (it could of been worse, if not for Pete's generous Tesco employee discount). The guys went and met up with some of their mates in the reception hall while I stayed behind and took a nap since me + 4.30am = sad panda, and Steve signed up for a Descent game the next day (9am-6pm).While the GM was more than happy to allow spectators, I woke up with a really nasty headache that kept me in bed most of Thursday--lo and behold, Steve and Roger got one as well, so we're thinking it was the space heaters we were given to warm the place up. After a bacon sandwich and cup of coffee courtesy of Steve at 6pm, I felt a little more human--he then told me he bought me a set of pink dice, which is pretty win since I don't own any (forum roleplay for the win?).

Since he had spent all day Thursday gaming, Steve and I spent Friday together puttering around town. We're technically in New Milton, which is outside of Bournemouth, but we quickly realized there's not a lot to do--it's definitely a town for retirees, and Steve doesn't know the area well enough save for the nearest Tesco. We tried to spend time at the beach here, but it's so bloody inaccessible that we only spent a few minutes there before coming back home--it was wet,and cold, and since the cliffs are eroding, you can't get very close anyway. The evening ended with a couple pints of beer, a couple shots of Sourz, and Steve spending £100 on 6 sets of dice--they're made of precious stones, so they're more collectors pieces than anything else, and he's not really buying anything else here, so it all works out.

Today was extremely lazy as no one could be arsed to do anything for some odd reason (maybe the Sourz from the night before?). Steve is currently gaming, which should be done in an hour, then we can settle in for the night. Tomorrow is a bit more gaming and a Sunday roast, and then we head home sometime Monday.

While I've had a good time here, I'm glad we'll be going home soon. I miss my cat, and my good internets, and our own bed and bathroom and stuff. And now that I've used loads of internets on the dongle, I'll be signing off. See you all when I'm back in Daventry.



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