Feb. 1st, 2010


Feb. 1st, 2010 08:35 pm
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'Sup from Daventry.

We're back in town after 5 days down in Bournemouth. Overall it was a pretty awesome experience once I got over my initial shyness and anxiety--there were loads of people there, but once you get introduced they seem friendly enough. And who knows, maybe someday I *will* roleplay, though it will probably be something Warcraft RPG or World of Darkness related I'd imagine; Steve seems to think I'd make a good roleplayer, and much of the different systems interests me, but once again my whole 'zomg social anxiety' crap gets in the way.

We left Bournemouth at 9am after packing everything up and handing the keys off. We made pretty decent time with me playing navigator (i.e. repeating what the sat nav was saying so Steve could hear it). Thankfully we were able to avoid any RoadChefs and tried LittleChef instead, which while the same price, was infinitely better than RoadChef (i.e. the food was actually warm, and while the coffee was instant at least it wasn't burnt). We were all back in Daventry by noon, and after we dropped Pete and Roger off at their respective homes, we went and picked up Gahzbag, who was more than happy to see us. I guess he ate like a pig while we were gone, and after some spastic running around, he's settled back into his normal routine--next week we'll sort out his other vaccinations, and when Steve gets paid in February we'll sort out getting his bollocks chopped and stuff.

Tomorrow it's going food shopping at Iceland in Northampton, and we need to get off the emergency gas (please tell me how we can shut off all our gas mains and everything electric yet still use £6 of gas while being out of town for 5 days?). Then Steve's back to work on Wednesday, and his next vacation will be in April when we go to the States--which I'm already panicking about since I *loathe* flying, but I'll deal with it when the time comes.

Hopefully I can get my roleplaying books back from the States in April and see about fleshing out some characters for Wacraft RPG and Vampire. Steve has a load of books I can read as well (which I intend to do), and I might try to get my feet wet in online roleplaying as well (i.e. playbyweb.com and storycrafter.com). I could also try rolling some stuff on RP realms in WoW, which might be a better idea when Catacylsm comes out and I have more racial/class ideas to try out.

And I totally need to find a cheap Iron Maiden t-shirt for Steve's birthday--it's now an inside joke that Roger came up with over this weekend. They really aren't keen on D&D players *at all* and oftentimes crack jokes about the ones we saw at Conception (seriously, they're the ones still continuing to play while eating the carvery dinner we were given on Sunday). Roger says they're oftentimes named Kevin with glasses and they wear Iron Maiden t-shirts--well, we all know Steve is no Kevin, and he doesn't wear glasses, but I could totally picture him rocking the Iron Maiden. I might try to find him some nice dice as well since he collects those--and now I have two sets, pink and a light crystal purple. Which is nice since I need loads of d10s to play Vampire at least (but Warcraft RPG is d20, lame).



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