Feb. 9th, 2010


Feb. 9th, 2010 09:41 am
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So, as noted in my new ~*sparkly*~ twitter posts, EU servers have been having horrible lag issues lately--I'm not sure for what reason (maybe the Lich King, maybe Love is in the Air) but it sucks ass. It certainly pisses Steve off since all he wants to do at the end of the day after working is to play WoW and drink coffee and just chill out, but he can't when it takes him 5 minutes to loot a body. But at least Blizzard is acknowledging it, and hopefully they get it sorted soon on the realms affected.

Got a letter through the post today from H&M Revenue and Customs pertaining to Iain's tax claim--they figure they owe Steve a £316 for this year, but we have to sign the claim form and send it back by the 26th. I'm his joint claimant on it since they have to look at us as a couple or else the government would be committing tax fraud against itself, but hey, at least they spelled our names right (yes, I'm looking at you BT!). Funny enough, why the fuck doesn't the government let Steve keep the £10 a week or whatever he currently gets in tax credit instead of taxing his paycheck for it, *then* giving it back to him. Oh yeah, the British government wants to control its people like a herd of sheep with money--but that's similar to the US, just way beyond what we have in the States at the moment (even though we're heading in that direction).

That's one thing about the UK that rubs me the wrong way (or at least my perception of it, which is admittely limited and colored by my experiences as an American, and my political persuasion): there's way too much control on what you can and can't do. You can't buy more than 32 paracetamol, since you might kill yourself with it (wtf?), you have to ask the Council for permission to fart half the time, you pay to park *everywhere* and it has a government where just because someone is on 'benefits' they're not responsible for taking care of their children.

Case in point: because Steve's ex-wife doesn't work and claims job seekers (how the hell do you do that when you haven't worked in 10 years?), she doesn't owe Steve a dime for Iain--even though her husband (i.e. the person she is legally married to) does work. So, they go on their merry way and keep their money because she knows if she finds a job, she then has to help pay for Iain--so it's down to Steve to pay for Iain full-time, and Aidan and Ella part-time (which of course he's responsible for since they're his children even if they don't live with him). So, she won't get a job since it's not financially viable for her to do so, and continue to cry poverty to the government, and she won't help pay for her eldest except for the ocassional McDonalds meal where she tacks a couple thousand more calories onto her son's waistline.

But, I wouldn't want to be in her position--being dependent on the government is never good when it's in the long term. Short term while you get on your feet, sure. But making a living out of it is just stupid, considering at any point in time they can change your benefits and you can get less and be fucked. Of course someone could be made redundant just as quickly, but you'll then get some form of unemployment and if you're smart, you've made enough in order to put some away in savings. It's depressing to be dependent on the government--and it bloody well should be, when it's used as a long-term solution for laziness; if you're disabled that's a whole other deal since it's kinda out of your control, but when you just 'claim' to be looking for work while sitting home and grinding your warlock to level 80, you look like a lazy tit that's plaguing the United Kingdom.

You know what is hilarious though? Her husband has gone beyond his one year grace period on his US license, but he's still driving without a provisional or anything. So, instead of just being able to get a regular UK license, he now has to go buy the provisional, take lessons, then get his official license--if he had done everything in 2009 he would of saved himself at least £50. Plus I don't think he's taken his Life in the UK test yet, and he has to pay for his ILR in September since it'll expire on September 28th. We usually hear about every fart they make in that house either from her or the kids, so I'm not sure if he's done any of that yet. LOL.

There's a little voice in the back of my head telling me I need to phone up the doctor and make an appointment today, but meh. Can't be bothered really. But I should do since she works a whopping 2.5 days a week, so I probably won't be able to see her until July or some stupid shit like that. I don't think Steve's been able to see her in eons since his flare ups don't really work around her schedule, so he's seen more duty doctors who can't be arsed to even read the basics on his chart--how many times has he had to explain to them about his Crohns, and when he got it, blah blah blah? Might as well not have a regular GP when he's only seen her a handful of times recently compared to Random Duty Doctor Working on a Monday.

Heh, all I want is a Happy Pill really, but I think this doctor might be more resistant than my last one, but that Happy Pill was *lovely*. And the only therapists I can really talk to are in Northampton (with the Maternity ward that looks like it's from Silent Hill), and it's a pain in the ass to get up there, but then again I'm sure my appointments will be once every 6 months anyway. Mmmm, delicious green and white pills, nomnomnom.

(This post was brought to you by the letters allergies are kicking my ass and making me feel high, why doesn't the UK sell huge packs of Sudafed I can't wait until I get American sized boxes in April. Thank you)


Oooo, shit: need to sort out my absentee ballot forms and get them mailed out sometime soon. But probably with the RM they'll get shoved up someone's ass anyway, but it's worth the £1 I spend to mail it back to Oregon. Wow, something else in the UK doesn't work? Color me surprised!
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