Feb. 13th, 2010

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  • 19:59 almost done with v-day since alyza doesn't need dress/peddlefeet for meta; lunar festival tomorrow at @5am UK time. Grats Wales & France! #

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Feb. 13th, 2010 08:15 pm
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Congrats to Wales for a stunning victory over Scotland this afternoon, and I feel for Ireland that got smashed 33-10 to France this evening. They tried their best but just couldn't come back, and France just plain sucks in just about every regard possible but they do play some mean rugby. Steve wasn't sad to see Ireland get trounced since it hurts their morale, and a bruised team ego is good when England goes for the Triple Crown.

Tomorrow is Italy vs. England at 2pm, so we'll definitely be home to watch that. We might go into Rugby to look for rugby shirts and jackets, and work on Lunar Festival/Love is in the Air junk since that starts at 5am UK time. Yeah, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, but it's a pretty awesome way to celebrate it I suppose.

What I'm not looking forward to is this next week with Iain home, though I think he's got plans for part of it, and I'm hoping it goes by decently fast. His dad has already told him he'll be doing chores at a couple points, but we'll see what really happens, since I don't really expect him to help me clean out the oven or scrub the bathtub.

I feel so fat right now--we had half-pound cheeseburgers and chips, coke, and a box of truffles for dinner so I'm even more obese than I was when I started today.

Our shower also can't decide what it wants to do--it started working again this morning so I took a quick shower, but now the switch is stuck again, so Servite is *still* going to have to come look at it. Bloody house -.-



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