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I'm not 100% sure if my mom put my cat down last night, since it's not like she was going to call me afterward since we'd be dead to the world by then. But, I'm pretty damn sure he's gone or pretty close to it :( My mom said he hadn't been eating lately, and he felt really skinny to her--he's normally pretty meaty so to feel bones is kinda bad. He also wasn't using his litterbox that much, and he was just drinking loads of water and licking his lips, and just laying around. He didn't even go to bed with her the other night, which is saying a lot since that's been his routine since I left the States.

I feel like shit, I was so looking forward to seeing him in April. I remember the last time I hugged him before I left for the airport and in the back of my mind I knew that it might be the last time I did get to hug him, but I still wasn't expecting that phone call yesterday. He's been around ever since I was a kid--I remember thinking we'd lost him when my dad died and the paramedics left the door open and we couldn't find him, but he was just scared and hiding behind my mom's dresser in her bedroom. He was with me through all of my awkward teenage years, and all my anxiety and depression--he was always there when I was upset, when Mark broke up with me, when I got fucked over by Russ, and when I missed Steve so bad I felt like my heart would break. He'd sleep on the pillow next to me every night and I'd have to nudge him awake when he'd start snoring too loudly, and he was my mom's best buddy once I moved over here.

But he had a long, good 17 years. He never wanted for anything, was never abused or neglected, and he was saved from a life living in a pet store cage. He gave a lot to me and my mom, and the best we could give him at this point is a peaceful passing; she'll get his ashes so she can bring him home. Some people might find that creepy, but he deserves better than to be forgotten.

I kinda still get a bit sad when I look at Gahzbag, not because anything's wrong with him--hell, he's healthy as a horse, and still a kitten. But he reminds me of Pepper in some small way and it makes me think about it again, and it hurts a bit. I'm worried about how my mom will cope with it, since they were really close the last 6 months, but she says she'll be okay--but she's not getting another cat. My aunt has one still, and she just doesn't want to go through all this type of crap again.

I think I need this trip back to the States now more than ever. My mom can't wait, and I'm getting excited even though as I've mentioned here numerous times, I *loathe* flying. Steve wants to redo his ESTA thing again since he's OCD and wants to make sure it's valid since he can't quite remember when he did it last, and we have to sort out how we're packing things. I might suck it up and take one suitcase over, and then get another, pack it with shit, and bring it over as my second checked-in bag for $50, since it'd be way cheaper than trying to ship that shit 5000 miles. I know Steve wants to do some clothes shopping as well since he gets better deals in the States, and he might check out if he can swing getting a iPhone with his PAYG O2 plan he has now, since again--they're cheaper in the States. I'll be redoing my wardrobe as a birthday present, especially since my poor jeans have had it--they have a annoying tendency to try and fall off my hips now : /

It also snowed here in Daventry, what the fuck? It's a midlands thing since London is fine, and Northern England is fine, so no, it's just us. Steve said it was a little tricky getting out of Dav this morning but once he was out it was fine--that's always the fucking case. But, hilarity ensued when he told me that the kids' stepdad now has to drive into Northampton proper for work everyday instead of staying here in Dav. That means his chances of getting pulled over for not having a valid license are huge, and while I wouldn't wish ill on anyone, I think he's being fucking retarded. Not that it's easy to get a UK license--dear god I'd shit myself--but he had plenty of time and money to do it with last year before he even started working. But no, he couldn't be arsed to spend his money on lessons when he had to buy a PS3 and a trampoline, nor could they take a portion of the £15k from the sale of Steve's house to do it with either. Fucking wanker.

I need junk food, it'll make me feel better :(


PS: I hope rugby is on this weekend--I think Wales v France? Maybe.
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I felt the urge to write a mini WoW update just because. No real reason, besides me procrastinating over the basket of laundry that needs to be folded.

I haven't been playing oodles this week since I just haven't had the urge, mainly because of PMS and house cleaning. We've been having somewhat early nights this week due to just a general malaise of sorts, especially since Steve has been pretty tired this week from work and stuff.

With that said, I've spent most of my time on my mage, sorting on holiday stuff. She got her Love Fool title, and I've have the whole thing done except I haven't killed the apothecaries yet--and I have no real urge to I guess. It's not for the meta, so I'm meh about it. I'm only five or six elders away from finishing the Lunar Festival, and I'll do those this weekend when I can devote more time to finding groups. I came close with Gundrak, but the group was full of asshats (including a warlock who pulled the first mob of the instance while the tank was afk, and then he lolololed about everyone dying).

My next major holiday will be Children's Week, and the major thing I need to do with that is School of Hard Knocks--and that's going to kick my ass hard. It's where you have to accomplish very specific PvP goals while having your orphan out (like assaulting a tower in AV, capturing a flag in EOTS, etc). That's going to be bloody hard when you figure 'squishy matchstick mage' + 'PvP' = fail. Especially since loads of other people will all be fighting for those specific achievements as well, so it's going to make me QQ loads.

I'm still biding my time until Cataclysm, and I'm starting to get anxious for it--hopefully we see it late summer/early fall, but I can't hazard a real educated guess. I need to work a bit harder on Skellietta and Yulianna as well, but I can't find the drive for them just yet for some reason.

I also got Sacagawea to level 60, so she got her flying form and went into the Outlands with Steve's druid. We're a bit bummed that flying form isn't black like it is for NEs, but it makes levelling in Hellfire Peninsula *so* much easier, seriously. It's so nice not running into crap every three seconds while trying to get back to Thrallmar. She'll probably be my next 80, but I don't really have the need/desire to get her there asap.

And to the Alliance on Hellscream--first off, cheap shot for killing my mage three feet away from the Elder in Ironforge. Heaven forbid you let someone do some stupid achievement and leave without having to suffer through your crap. Secondly, I lol'ed hard when I *just* managed to get the elder in Stormwind, and therefore 'Elders of the Alliance' just as you death-gripped and killed me. I hope that you can see cross-faction achievements pop up on your chat window if you're near the person, since that would be the icing on the proverbial lolcake. After getting that shit over and done with, I wasn't really angry when I res'ed at the spirit healer and ported me and Steve back to Dalaran.

That's it for now. There's other things afoot according to the blues, like random battleground finders and adjustments to honor gains, but I can't be arsed to talk about those now. This post was all about me, after all.



Feb. 19th, 2010 06:07 pm
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So, it's official. My mom phoned me up today :(



He went peacefully, and didn't fight the vet which was a huge sign something was wrong. He was gone in under a minute, and was cremated with the blanket he went to the vet in. They'll give her his ashes and a paw print they took in 5 days or so. I don't know if it's legal for me to bring his ashes back or not, but it's something I'd be inclined to leave with my mom anyway, but I might be bringing the paw print back.

God, he was an old bastard, and I loved him.



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