Feb. 22nd, 2010


Feb. 22nd, 2010 08:44 am
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Yay for Professional Development days in Daventry? No, not really, especially since it's snowing again, like it did yesterday. But, hopefully it'll melt later on today, since right now it's more sleet than anything else, and it did something similar on Sunday--pissed down in the morning, but then it was mostly melted by the time we were done shopping.

Which begs the question, Steve would like to know when the men's section at Matalan got so damn expensive. He was thinking of finding more cargo pants for work (he loves cargos since they got loads of pockets to make carrying manager-type thingies easier), but he wasn't keen on paying £22 for something he wears in a warehouse. And then we realized that there was some retarded name brand on it, and that half that price was most likely for the name alone, and we said sod it and left. Steve definitely isn't looking for name brand crap by any means, and he's going to make his work pants last until April when he can buy more in the States for much better prices. He wants to work on losing a pant size or so since if he goes any higher up, they have to up his azathioprine to 250mg a day and he can't go any beyond that (he's on 200mg now). I can understand his concerns, I just don't want him to go to the other extreme, especially since usually when he gets well skinny it's because he's having a flare up and can't eat, and he's far from obese, it's just finding a happy medium.

But what doesn't help is he's making another stab at quitting smoking, and one of the side effects of that is you're way more likely to eat instead of smoking. Instead of having a cigarette, it's a packet of biscuits or crisps, even though he's using those stupid replacement inhaler thingies (expensive, and it doesn't really work well according to him--it's too hard to take a drag on it, and the plastic is a bit off-putting).

He did tell me a story yesterday and I didn't quite know DHL was that strict on their dress codes: his GM went to a GM's meeting dressed in some of the clothes from their old contracts, that they'd wear back in the day. Everyone else was completely decked out in DHL logo stuff and therefore his GM got the piss taken severely out of him--he therefore came back to Crick and told Steve to be a clothes nazi with all the workers. Therefore, *everything* except their socks and underwear has to be DHL made/tagged--their trousers, their work shirts/polos/jumpers/coats, you name it. But, Steve is also very happy he found his day-glo parka, since he spent all winter without it wearing just his fleece and day-glo vest, and I'm sure the parka comes in very handy when he's outside :(

And I'm a bit chuffed this morning--we got our water bill in the post. Why am I chuffed? Since Anglian Water managed to spell my name right, which is a feat that British Telecom couldn't fathom. Hell, BT couldn't even spell Parrington right which is a fucking disgrace really when it's spelled out to them on the phone 3 times in one conversation. So, this bill will be going in my pile of 'absolutely useless post except if you're a dirty immigrant' for 2011. And that's what I have to be excited for today. Sad.

Steve's mom might also be coming around today to drop off some books they don't want (but I'm not sure with the way the weather is). She's a nice enough lady I suppose, and would do a lot of things for me since she knows I'm so far away from my mom, but she's a very formal, uptight woman. Her house is immaculate, and even though I know there isn't anything wrong with ours, it makes me feel like shit since I can only imagine what she thinks of it. Steve doesn't really care much, but she makes me feel vaguely ill at times. I just never know what to say to her, it just feels really awkward, but I guess I owe her a cup of tea or something. Fuuuuck.

PS: I'd better have a job by this summer since I can't imagine how I'll spend 7 weeks with Iain stuck in the house with nothing to do. Granted, he will hang out with his mates, but he and his friend are in big fucking trouble since they filmed some youtube videos...of their school, supposedly showing off all these secret areas where there's not a lot of supervision. And him and his friend appear in the actual video. And their real names are attached to the video. Along with the name of the school. So pedophiles know *exactly* where to go at his specific school to avoid getting caught, especially if they keep an eye out for Iain and his friend specifically, who were stupid enough to name themselves. Both Steve and his ex-wife had a word with Iain about it since that is some pretty serious, and stupid shit, and he really seriously needs to clean his room today. But why listen to me, I'm a nobody really.


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