Feb. 23rd, 2010


Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:14 am
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Just a note more to myself than anything. A note of what to snag while I'm in the US, so's I don't forget.

+music off my PC (I left most of my stuff at home since I lost my USB stick a week before I left and didn't have the spare cash. I need my trance for when I play WoW, the TV is distracting : /)

+medical books/roleplaying books/Shakespeare

+clothes! new, delicious, American clothes

+download any extra music while I have delicious American internet without silly download restrictions on it. I need more new stuff, though I may also ask for some CDs from play.com at some point

I know Steve wants to snag new clothes, and he's thinking of sorting out a netbook and possibly a new ipod or iphone since he can get much better deals in the States. He'll have to have a word with Apple about getting a US iphone and using it in the UK, but the ipod would work out okay at least, and I'd get the one he has now.

My laptop is still playing up, so who knows what we may end up getting while in the States, since he also likes getting laptops over there. I'm not sure why mine keeps resetting itself, but whatever. We're not taking it to PC World since they're just as fail as Geek Squad.

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