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Feb. 24th, 2010 09:39 am
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Since it's zomg maintenance, here's a LJ post for some delicious filler.

+ Tomorrow we're having Gahzbag's balls cut off since he's old enough, and hopefully it'll calm him a little. We're also going to get him microchipped, then when we can sort out the leukemia shots we can do that, and he's pretty set except for his flu boosters every year. Now he's raising holy hell, since he must understand English when I was on the phone with the vet's office. We have to take him in between 9-10am tomorrow, and Steve has a blood test at 8.30am so it all works out in the end (thankfully Steve's being much better about his quarterly blood work).

+ Aidan got kicked out of scouts last night since he kicked a rubbish bin and almost hit one of the assistants. He was absolutely devastated, and I really feel for him, since he's got loads of issues to work on, but isn't being given the tools to deal with it. He does have ADHD, but his mother needs to realize that medication and giving in to his every whim doesn't help--the medication needs to be a tool along with behavior work/therapy, and he still needs to be treated like his brother and sister--when he does bad, he should get punished like the other two do, but he should also be treated fairly as well. They said Steve and his ex wife can appeal the decision which I think they'll do, but there's also a group in Northampton of scouts for those with ADHD and other behavioral problems, and he expressed interest in it, and I think it might do him good. He's constantly known as the ADHD kid now, and maybe being in an even playing field with other people who understand his struggles might boost his self-esteem a bit, and the people there might have more/better tools to help him learn to manage his problems. While he does have brain chemistry issues, it's also very much a long battle of learning to react appropriately and think before he acts, and to consider how his actions affect others; there's no way at 10 years old he'll completely turn around, but he's getting to the age where he needs to start on the path of learning how to manage his symptoms. Hopefully this will be the catalyst for some positive change on his part, since he could do anything he wanted if he didn't have these issues in the way, and I think he can do anything if he's given the right help and guidance, since Steve and his ex can only do so much, considering that they themselves don't have those issues. Out of the three kids, he's definitely the most affectionate, and who knows--maybe in a way these struggles now will make him stronger for the future, as long as he has the right guidance.

+ England versus Ireland this weekend, BBC1 at 3.30pm (though the game doesn't technically start till 4pm I don't think). It's Steve's 'weekend off' which is when Iain stays with us and Aidan and Ella stay with their mom--it lets the kids just chill out in their own houses without having to switch back and forth. So, we'll have Iain, and therefore can't go out for drinks, but we'll probably have a couple here, even though Iain loathes rugby. It'll be an interesting match to say the least, especially since I heard it's going to be a bit muddy at Twickenham, so that makes for a messy game.

+ My mom got a card through the post from the vet's office, hand-written by the vet who put Pepper down. He wanted to send his condolences, and there was a pawprint in it as well that they took from Pepper, so it made my mom all weepy when she read it. She's expecting his ashes within the week.

+ I really need to get around finishing up my elder stuff on Alyzabeth. Urgh.

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