Feb. 28th, 2010


Feb. 28th, 2010 11:06 pm
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Yay, not being able to sleep is fun : / And before I take a pill, I figured I'd blab on a bit here while I had some quiet tiems.

What's happened in the past few days that I imagine all of my friends list is oh so eager to hear about? Well, on Thursday we had our kitty castrated and microchipped--he wasn't happy about it obviously. He was a bit shaky Thursday night and Friday, but now he's back to his old self, jumping around and biting people. It's nice since nowadays they don't need to use stitches, so I think that's what made his recovery time much quicker as well.

Steve has now gone a week without a cigarette, and it's obvious. While I think he's handling it well, I can tell when he starts to get irritable--I don't know how long it'll last, but those lovely NHS adverts don't really help--they make Steve think about smoking again more than anything else. Plus they're fairly pretentious and they're on every 30 minutes.

Last night's rugby game was sadface. England played a decent game, and played their hearts out, but it just wasn't meant to be, but we'll see what happens when England and France go head to head on March 20th. I think Steve jinxed the game by not wearing his rugby jersey this weekend since it was in the wash, and Jonny Wilkinson did a bit better, but he was still missing some kicks which he should of feasibly gotten (IMHO). So, England is out for the Triple Crown and Grand Slam, but we'll see who the ultimate winner is in the end.

In hilarious ex-wife news, her husband went and bought a second PS3--yes, another one, for their bedroom. He told the kids it was so they could play games that the kids shouldn't see, but isn't that what 9pm is for, since that's their bedtime? Steve thinks he bought it so he could play upstairs when he claims to have a 'migraine' and can't drive--which he could very well have them I suppose, but it always seems to be when he needs to pick up the kids, and the rest of the time he's good as gold. Y'know, since who wants to save for emergenices, driving lessons, or, I don't know--A FUCKING VISA?

In WoW news, I've almost gotten Sacagawea to 70--just dinged 69 tonight. It's incredibly slow going since I'm stubborn and don't start Northrend until 70, and now Steve's waiting for me to catch up so we can start it together. I'm having loads of fun with her though, and I even had to play pretend healer in a Sethekk Halls run today which wasn't too disastrous. I might end up dual-speccing her feral/resto since I do like me some kitteh form, but either way she's coming along nicely. She'll only be my 4th 80 (compared to Steve's 5th), but I'll get there eventually.

I'm excited for various patch/expansion news--rumblings of things on the horizon for gnomes and trolls, submarines, changes in honor points, etc. It'll be awesome to be able to feasibly buy PvP mounts without having to save up X marks and use points instead. I have more to say on it, but that will have to wait until it's not 11pm at night and I'm screaming at the kitty to stop being a tosser.

We've also been tasked with sorting out things for Aidan and Ella in terms of deoderant and spare clothes and stuff for here at the house since they barely come with anything save their video games. Supposedly Ella has even started breaking out a tiny bit, and she is getting to the age where puberty is going to kick in, so me and Steve even went and bought some basic maxi pads in case she ever needs them when she's here with us. She hasn't started yet, but I started at 11, and she'll be 10 this year, so it'll be sometime within the next year or so (and it's not like those go off anyway, so they can sit in the bathroom). Steve's a little uncomfortable with it all, and that's understandable since he's never been a girl, so I've been trying to help him come to terms with the whole 'growing up' thing Ella will be facing soon. Aidan isn't going through as many changes, but boys do start puberty a tiny bit later than girls--even Iain is just starting his bit and he'll be 14 this May. It's just hard for Steve to transition from having his little girl to someone becoming a woman (and developing quite the teenage attitude already), but hopefully she doesn't become anything like her mother.

Now it's bloody freezing down here--time for a pill, and back upstairs.



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