Mar. 1st, 2010


Mar. 1st, 2010 08:28 am
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Woot, 28 days until Steve's birthday. Probably more like 27 until an awesome curry and piss-take night, but there y'go.

I'm bored, so I did a search for nursing schools in Northampton-- Urgh. It's not something I'd do for a few years anyway to avoid sky-high international fees (plus with visas to save for, I can't very well afford it) but it's a thought anyway. If I had a baby I wouldn't end up going for a *long* time (if ever), but if it looked like I wasn't going to have one, I'd try to find some way into it once I had my visas sorted out. I'm not sure if I'd be eligible for any grants, it's something I'd have to really read into, but it's all just foggy ideas floating around in my head at the moment. It would certainly help our income if I become a nurse--hell, Steve would consider retiring from DHL entirely at that point, or going on extreme part-time hours, since I'd be making more than him if I did become a full-time nurse. But, we'll see, I got a lot of other things in my way right now that are more important.


PS: and I forgot all the prerequisites I'd have to sort out first, to see exactly what I have and don't have (and therefore would need to get first). Considering the fact that I was fucking scared of math and science in high school, I probably don't have much except for my MA background, but nowadays that's worth a pile of shit anyways. QQ.


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