Mar. 2nd, 2010


Mar. 2nd, 2010 08:10 am
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So, Steve got called out of town for work--Newcastle and Aberdeen respectively. Newcastle is about 3-4 hours from here, Aberdeen is 8. They want him to go to the warehouses and shopping centers nearby and take notes on security, lorry access, etc to bring back to the powers that be in Daventry. So, he packed his shit and left at 5am this morning to pick up the rental car and head up north. I saw him off but fell back asleep for a bit, and I'll be here by myself until he gets back tomorrow late-ish. What the real pisser is I'd love to go see Aberdeen, but since it's work related I can't go--and next week he has to go to Cardiff for a day or so to check them out. He's never been to Scotland before, and the last time he was in Wales was 34 years ago, but he has a SatNav and road atlas.

It just sucks a bit since those are places I haven't seen before, and now I'm stuck with the cat till tomorrow night. It's not like I can't sleep when he's away or anything, but it just makes for a couple long days of hanging out with Gahzbag and eating myself silly out of boredom. I think tonight's dinner will have to be pie and chips, and Black Adder is in order for tonight : /

Someone, sign me into WoW please so I can play? I don't have the heart to do it right now, knowing I need to sludge onwards to 70 on my furry druid. I also need to do my random dungeon dailies on Skellietta and Yulianna, so I can replace their gear and get emblems for some tier stuff--I seem to get put into totc5 a lot, I think Blizzard knows my gear is shit so I need those drops. Yulianna is a mismash of dps/tanking gear since the tanking stuff was far upgrades over my greens, and I might end up doing two sets of gear and trying to make her a dps/tank and see what happens. Urgh.



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