Mar. 4th, 2010


Mar. 4th, 2010 08:46 am
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One of these days, my hands *won't* feel like chunks of ice in the morning : /

Steve's back from his trek to Newcastle and Aberdeen, which was a success as far as I know. He had to go and not only touch base with various warehouses, but shopping centers as well that he'll be sending lorries to sometime in the future. His bosses wanted him to see how 'easy' it would be for the lorries to access the shopping centers, and to get the loads off and into the buildings, etc. So, loads of pictures and notes were taken, and Steve figures Aberdeen would be more than fine, but Newcastle would be a bitch. The height limit is 4.47 meters for the lorries, and the ones he has are 4.4, so it'd be really fucking tight. He also told me about one particular shopping center in Aberdeen that's almost right on the coast, where they're opening a Hollister store (that's who the contract is with).

He said he'd like to go back up and visit properly, and that he possibly wouldn't mind living there someday. He kept talking about how there were mountains almost everywhere he looked, and he often lost his radio and mobile phone signals when he went through certain mountain passes. He was also amused at how most of the road signs had little Scottish flags on them, and I was surprised by the money--since my dumbass forgot that there's the Bank of England, and the Bank of Scotland, so therefore the money looks different. Herp Derp. We've also decided that the water tastes a little different than here in England--maybe it has less fluroide or chlorine in it, but I don't mind English tap water anyway.

Next week is Cardiff at some point, which will be amusing--Steve's not happy since his bosses don't want him to stay overnight there, so he'll leave here at 5am, get to Cardiff for an hour, then turn back around and come home. It's good for me, but it's a long time on the road for him, but he said his SatNav worked beautifully.

So, yeah. Fin.

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