Mar. 24th, 2010


Mar. 24th, 2010 09:00 am
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This is what happens when there's a patch/maintenance day--you get a LJ post.

There hasn't been much to report in my RL lately--just people going to work, school, and me sitting here at home with the cat. I've been running dungeons for stupid emblems on my dk and priest, and I would be doing so now if it still wasn't maintenance tiems.

I'm finding it hard to sleep at night, mainly since I'm starting to freak out about going to the States. Not that I don't want to give my mom a huge fucking hug, or eat some food that has a flavor, or go clothes shopping--I just hate the flying back and forth bit. I lay awake at night thinking about the whole thing even though we still have 2.5 weeks until we fly out. I know it'll be okay, but my brain likes to be silly (as proven by 99% of my LJ); I then have to come downstairs and play WoW until I'm sleepy before I go back upstairs to give it another go. I also need to start getting stuff together for the flight (i.e. pills, a little bag for my makeup for my carry-on, etc) and getting the luggage down from the loft.

I is sadface that England didn't keep France from getting the Grand Slam last weekend. With that said, the team played pretty damn well even though they lost, and who knows--it might have been Moody's influence as captain of the team since Bothwick usually does it, but he was out with a knee injury. And France can't say they won the game easily or by a huge margin, since you know they shit themselves when Wilkinson came on the field and put the ball past the posts which brought them within 2 points of France. But, it was good fun since Roger came over and we had delicious curry and beer--I had the distinct pleasure of trying Banana Bread Beer (Roger bought it but didn't like it, and there's still one bottle that needs drinking in the fridge, along with 6 cans of Tetley's O.o).

Steve's birthday is on Monday, and I wish I could do more for him, but my funds are a bit limited :( I did get him a Horde wallet, but it was shipped to my mom to avoid weird customs/VAT fees from Jinx, and I told her to hold onto it since I don't trust RM so we'll nab it when we're visiting. He doesn't know all this though, but I think he'll like it--and he desperately needs a new wallet. I just wish I had seen the troll t-shirt they now have since that would of been perfect for him : / I don't know what anyone else is getting him, or if we're doing anything on Monday, but I'll try to find something special (I still need to buy the card, herp de derp).

That's about it. I can't be arsed to type much since this keyboard sucks--just something else we have to buy I guess, urgh.



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