May. 14th, 2010


May. 14th, 2010 08:57 am
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ohmygod, what Steve is learning is absolutely mind-numbing. I'm sure part of my confusion is not having any fucking clue what he does at work to begin with (at least when you get down to the nitty-gritty details), but whoa. But I think it helps him to explain the stuff to me--he told me it helped him understand the concepts better to explain them to a clueless person (me). So, I guess I'm flattered? It has loads of numbers, and stupid concepts, and urgh.

Last night he was showing me how to work out what price to charge for the services they provide at DHL DIDC--he had to calculate things like wear to the tires, driver pay (even though DHL doesn't directly pay their drivers), petrol, insurance, etc and then find where to make extra money. I think their standard is a 25% profit for each trip they sell, but the math made my head explode since I'm mathmatically retarded to begin with, but he seemed to sort through it without any problems. But I guess he does his job pretty well to begin with according to his manager, but a CPC qualification would add frosting to the proverbial DHL cake I suppose. It's not really stuff that would interest me personally, so thankfully Steve will never, ever, EVER, help me find a job at DHL--we'd kill each other I think. But considering he skipped half his classes growing up, fucked around until he was 16, didn't go to university, and started as a warehouse clerk, I'm pretty proud of where he's gotten to just by being stubborn and pretty damn good at logisitics.

As for me? I still have my MA certification, but that amounts to a pile of shit over here :( I'll have to retake my certification in the States in 2012, but I don't know if I'll even waste the money to do it--it's a hard test, and I'd have to fly out to do it so meh. I just don't like my future being so damn uncertain--it's not mapped out for me, and that makes me uncomfortable. There's loads of things I think I'd like to do, but I'm famous for sabotaging myself like I have done in the past, so I just don't bother anymore.

I might ask my mom to try and mail my medical books to me, and I can paypal her the shipping money. She can mail up to 20 pounds of stuff for 50 bucks just through the USPS without fucking with stupid, complicated shit, and it's not like I had *that* many--I was going to bring them with me but didn't have the room I thought I would :( I still miss them, and she might be able to get them here in two boxes (I'm not sure how big the boxes are except they can't go past 20 pounds) and it's pretty reasonable price. That's if the volcano doesn't fuck things up, especially since my mom just sent me a care package this week.

But instead of bitching and moaning, time to sort out the house a bit since Steve will be home early from class today.



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