May. 20th, 2010


May. 20th, 2010 08:31 am
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I obviously don't know how to work my way through the appointment making system at our surgery. I got through, but they basically just told me all I can do is phone back tomorrow to get in with that particular doctor, and do it early since there's loads of people who want to see her. I was trying to schedule something in advance but they just kept telling me to phone tomorrow, so yeah--I guess I'll phone tomorrow morning :( Figures my doctor only works half a week, too.

I also missed Parcel Force yesterday, so I need to go up and grab my stuff from them, and do a load of shopping. But, I really can't be arsed--but I got to. Now I'm slightly annoyed.

We're not going to Alton Towers this Saturday since it'd be too expensive and not enough bang for our buck since me and Steve won't be going on any of the rides. We've (well, Steve and Iain) decided on Wicksteed Park instead, which is only an hour from here. But I was also promised beer Saturday night as well, and Iain started to whinge--he's way too young for alcohol and just needs to stop his bitching. So, I'll grin and bear it through Wicksteed because that's the proper step-parent thing to do.

Annnnd, we didn't do our Naxx yesterday--raid leader couldn't get into WoW for some reason. So, technical difficulties cockblocked us. Poopies.

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I think I made somebody's day down there, since they looked absolutely clueless when I went to the counter and asked for my package, so I feel kinda bad :( Not that it's particularly difficult to process--find the package (which was on top the pile of everything else), verify my identity (which I did) and make me fill out a little slip. But one of the other gals was able to get it sorted, so I got some lewts from the States today.

Two boxes of cheezits for Steve (those are his particular favorite), some pepperoni beef sticks (those thin ones you can get in gas stations and shit), some goldfish crackers, and a couple pressies that are wrapped up. I'm not going to open them till Saturday, but my mom will be happy to know it got here in one piece.

She also sent not only a birthday card, but an anniversary card for me and Steve since it's on the 27th. I cried like a big fucking baby I did, but I had to suck it up since I had to go back out and do more shopping (I had to walk down once to get the package, bring it back home, then walk back up since I couldn't carry the shopping and the box).

I got my Mexican stuff--tortillas and refried beans and hot sauce mainly, but I also got a nacho kit since I'm ready to eat my fucking arm off since I skipped breakfast. I know Iain probably wants me to do more Mexican food, and if that's the case I'll force myself to go to Tesco and get more stuff--I'm not keen on blowing loads of Steve's money on stupid shit really (even though he doesn't give two shits).

On that note, he asked me if I wanted to work, or be a housewife/stay at home mum (when the time comes). He doesn't care either way as long as I'm happy--he just wanted me to tell him so he'd quit mentioning going to an agency for work. His reasoning was more for it to get me out of the house and help with my issues than money (since really, anything I make would be fucking copper compared to his 10k gold or whatever he makes). I'm not sure, since working at the moment scares the fucking bejesus out of me--I hate going out just to go to the shop, let alone spending loads of time around strangers :( But we'll see, for now it's not really an issue.

*runs off to make 'nachos', lololol*

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That DHL Daventry will be signing a contract to work with FitFlops-- It looks like sandals and clogs with arch supports built into the shoes, but beyond that I really don't know much else. Steve told me they should be getting the contract to warehouse and transport their goods in the UK, and then made me lol when he said if he got any discounts he'd get me a pink and white pair.

I lol'ed at first, but then--maybe not a bad idea? I have horrible (read: nonexistant) arches so any little bit of support helps. But, I've never even heard of these before, and it might be a while until the nitty gritty of the contract is sorted, but yeah.

And I just got a phone call from Steve's mum--she's coming around to drop off Iain's card for his birthday : / But my mom is supposed to be calling in about an hour as well, and by the time she gets down to Daventry I might be in the middle of a LD phone call. I guess my mom could call back, but I'd much rather talk to my mom than sit and talk with Steve's (but then again, she did say she wanted to avoid commute time, so she might just drop off his card and skidaddle out to avoid traffic. I hope).

Fucking in-laws, urgh.



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