May. 21st, 2010


May. 21st, 2010 08:51 am
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Bloody busy lines at the surgery--I'll call Monday since my phone is dying and lord knows how long I'd be redialing for. Either all the lines are full, or it's a single-line phone system which would be complete lols.

I think we're going to have Iain this Saturday night and Sunday as well, since his mom doesn't care whether or not he comes around this weekend like he normally does. I don't know if maybe she has something small planned for after school today (since technically today is his birthday), but really. You'd think his own mother would push to do more for his birthday, but she was being a passive aggressive bitch to Steve yesterday, playing the 'whatever' game. Maybe she needs to realize that she's never fully bonded with her son in 14 years, and that her husband is a huge cock.

But that means we can't go out for dinner like we were going to on Saturday for my birthday, and it kinda pisses me off. When we had Aidan's birthday he had to go back around his mom's for Sunday since they were doing stuff (cake, pressies, etc.) but Iain doesn't have to. That's more what pisses me off--I understand he's a bit older than the other two and should be given some more choices than they do, but that doesn't mean he gets to do whatever whenever he wants to, and the other two are going to resent the freedom he's being given after a while.

Really, I'm just counting down till the 29th for Sheffield, since I figure that can be our anniversary thingy (even though we're going up for someone's birthday). Since Iain has a load of money he wants to blow, we'll be going up to Northampton Sunday. I think we should be able to hit an Evans while we're up there, so I'll try to snag some jeans since I miss them bad (all I have now are cargos), and who knows what else. I'm thinking Steve's trying to make me go clothes shopping as a birthday present to me, which is fine I guess except Iain will bitch, but I can send them to the game store while I'm shopping since I prefer not to have an audience when I'm clothes shopping (chalk it up to another weird quirk of mine, I have loads). When I was in the States I found some blouses that I really got into, that are a bit longer than normal which is good for me since I'm the fucking jolly green giant and hate for my shirts to ride up on me. I might be able to find some here as well, and they really do end up being the same price as in the States (I had forgotten how bad Lane Bryant can be until I found 90 dollar jeans while visiting O.o).

If I got really desperate though, my mom says I can order stuff online and have it shipped to her, and she'll forward it on to me since she can do the 20 pounds for 50 dollars thing. Speaking of which, I opened the pressies she sent me, and I cried again because I'm a baby--she sent me a small glass frame with pink sequins around the edge, and it has a picture of me and here in it from when I was a baby way back in 1985. Good god that was a long time ago--and quite fitting considering my current preoccupations with my own future child. It sits here on my desk, and it's kinda comforting to be able to look at it every so often.

Hehe, Steve's mom also gave me and Steve a 1st anniversary card with 20 quid in it--she wrote inside that the 1st anniversary is paper, so that's what we're getting. Not entirely sure what to do with it--might combine it with the 20 quid she gave me for my birthday (wtf) and go out to dinner when we get a chance.

Ooo, reminder to myself: try to hop into a bookstore while in Northampton this weekend. Want to snag the Life in the UK test booklet and a copy of Shogun--I'm reading Gone With The Wind right now (well, re-reading, I first read it for a project in high school), and I'm up for more epic historical fiction.



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