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My ECG from yesterday was normal, and the nurse had me try the BP machine in the waiting room--I got 168/86, which isn't *horribly* high, and that's how it was like in the States. The doctor seemed happy and she wants to see me in a couple weeks, but the receptionist explained to me that I'll have to phone up on the 8th, since they can't make appointments in advance until the new computer system is fully in place. Color me surprised at the new electronic ECGs--no paper is printed out, it's all done on the computer and put electronically into a patient's chart. When I was in MA school, they taught us the old school method of printing the paper and cutting into 3 or 4 segments (depending on if it was 10 or 12 lead) and pasting it onto a piece of paper. But, it all went well, so no big deal. We'll see what the doctor wants to do when she sees me next, and I still have my Pap smear next week which I'm still looking forward to : /

I'm still trying to summon the energy to go to Boots. I need some new shampoo and conditioner, and there's a few brands I'd like to try to tame my hair--it's way too dry and broken, and if I quit being a cheap ass and buy something decent I might get somewhere with it. I've also decided I'm going to start a makeup collection--get one nail polish, one eye and lip liner and shit per month and Steve said he'll set me up some sort of shelving unit to house all my girly items. I still have 20 quid to blow so I might just spend it on that since I need all the help I can get in that department, and hopefully my hair sorts itself out. I still desperately think I need to get my hair professionally cut, but the thought of going into a random hair place here scares the holy bejesus out of me. Fail.

Oooo, Steve told me to expect him to come home with buttloads of boxes today from work. Why? We're getting 70 rolls of toilet paper from DHL--they ordered 'American' sized rolls but they won't fit on the dispensers at work, so they asked Steve if he wanted them. I figure why not, it's something we're all bound to use at some point, and it beats me having to make sure we have enough every week or so (we go through *loads* of it around here). I guess that's our 1st anniversary gift? lol forever since the 1st anniversary is supposed to be a paper gift.

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