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Yeah, I'm well late for the next 30 day challenge thing, but I blame it on the weekends. I hate using LJ when everyone is around since my monitor is HUGE and everyone can see what I write : /

With that said, Day 2 (or in my case Entry 2) is about your family, in detail. Not a subject I lurve, but I'll give it my best shot.

My family mainly consists of my mom, as far as I'm concerned. I have other relatives--she was the middle child of 3, so I have an aunt and an uncle as well with cousins. My oldest cousin (who's as old as Steve, whoa) has two children. I don't know a ton about my dad's side of the family, except that he had two brothers--one I *kinda* keep in contact with (now not so much that I've moved to the UK, which is okay since he always had a knack for bugging the fuck out of me every time they visited) and one who I've never met. He wasn't particularly close to his family, so I don't know that side as well as I know my mom's (for better or for worse).

I'm an only child (as y'all well know). My parents were older when they had me, and my mom had some issues when she was pregnant with me (mainly hypertension), so they never did have another kid. Both my parents grew up in fairly middle class families in California--both were married prior to meeting each other, and as far as I know they didn't have any other children (I only say that since wouldn't it be insanely awkward if my dad did have children before me and we just never knew about them...or something). My dad served in Vietnam and was honorably discharged; my mom's first husband went AWOL and she can tell you stories about how the FBI visited her to try and find him (she had no idea where he was at the time, but he eventually showed back up at some point).

My mom is the only one who I really miss out of all my family in the States. She's the one I visit when we go back Stateside every year. The rest of my family is either depressed, cranky, too nosy, or judgemental. No one really bothered to even talk to me and Steve when we came back for our visit this year despite all this crap about wanting to see us--and I couldn't really be arsed to bother. I flew 5,000 miles to visit people and they couldn't even be bothered to pick up a phone, so whatever. It didn't leave me heartbroken by any means, but it did piss my mom off a bit.

Kinda ironic about how this entry is so much about my mom, today--it's her 60th birthday. I feel like a total turd that I can't be there for it :(

Anyways, yeah. My mom has been through more than I could ever imagine--she lost her father to cancer when she was 16, got married, got divorced at 29, got her first job at 30, married my dad at 34 and had me when she was 35. She lost my dad when he passed away in 1994, raised me as a single parent--she had a hysterectomy in 1999 to remove a 25 pound tumor from her ovary. Thankfully it wasn't cancerous, but it was quite an ordeal since she had never had any major medical issues beforehand and never had a surgery--and I was freaking since I was convinced she was going to die and leave me alone at 14. She got breast cancer in 2002--thankfully it was relatively small, stage one which was treated with six weeks of radiation therapy and five years of meds. This last year she had bacterial pneumonia, which left her in the hospital for 10 days and six weeks of daily visits to the doctors for intravenous antibiotics. That was probably the scariest thing I've been through in all of her medical 'issues'--it was so sudden, and I was 5,000 miles away. I had to rely on a family that could hardly be arsed to even try to call me--no, they tried to tell me everything over my wall on Facebook, wtf? Heaven forbid they use my mom's landline which is enabled to call international, and dial the fucking number that's written out next to the phone (with all applicable international dialing codes). No, just broadcast all your crap on my Facebook so I can read it the next day that my mom is in hospital >.<

The doctors said if she had waited a week longer, she'd be dead. But thankfully they're fucking awesome and she was awesome and she pulled through. Steve was fucking awesome since he was ready to book me a ticket back to Oregon if I needed it, and he didn't mind the late-night phone calls when my one cousin decided to call me to tell me my mom was out of surgery (the cousin everyone dogs I might add and bitches about--he went and got an international calling card because he knew I was scared and wanted an update).

I guess I could include my in-laws as well, urgh. Steve's the oldest out of two children, so he has his younger (by 13 months) sister and her two children. He also has his mum and stepdad, and his real dad who I guess is a huge douche. They haven't spoken in two years--Steve wants nothing to do with him and won't let anyone in the family give his dad his cell phone number. Of course the MIL gets all pissy since the dad bugs her for it constantly and she takes it out on Steve, but he has a right to keep his number private from someone he doesn't want to talk to. I think it's time for his dad to fuck off--he claims he can't get in touch with Steve, but he tried to friend me on Facebook (wtf?). It's quite easy for anybody to at least find Steve's basic profile through mine (mine is a goddamn open book I think), so he could of tried through there but he didn't. I've never met the man, so I thought it was weird I'd get a friend request from him--which I ignored. Fuck that shit.

So, in a nutshell that's my folks. They're kinda fucked up, and honestly I really don't miss them save my mom who I miss fucking loads and loads. She's much of the reason I'm homesick, since I get sad when I think of the last big hug she gave me the night before we left to come back to the UK. She knew I was sad to leave, and afterwards I just cried like a big baby to Steve when we were in bed. I know my mom will love me no matter what, and she knows all my little oddities, my likes and dislikes, my opinions, everything really--she's my mum. It breaks my heart when she says she misses me and wants me to come back for a visit soon, and she wants me to maybe come back for a trip on my own for a little so I can stay longer--maybe 3-4 weeks since we're severely limited by Steve's holiday leave at work. Boo. We'll see though--if I think about this too much I'll get weepy.

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