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I think managing to avoid getting the cold or flu for 2 years living in the UK was a pretty decent run of my immune system. I've had a few stomach bugs since moving here, and allergy stuff, but nothing major. And this isn't major either, just fucking annoying--I hate not being able to breathe properly. I have to sleep propped up, and I keep waking up because I can't breathe properly--fail. I think Steve has it now too, he was starting to sound kinda bad last night and was stuffy this morning, but I think he'll take this compared to a flare up. Problem is, the other manager is on holiday for 4 weeks in Poland (wtf?) so Steve can't really take any time off of work, but hopefully it'll have burnt itself out by Monday for him.

We're trying to convince Aidan not to come over this weekend. Iain won't because he's lazy, Ella's staying home since she hurt her ankle and needs to keep off of it for a few days, but Aidan still wants to come around despite this being the house of the black death. He says he doesn't care if he gets sick (what kid really doesn't) but I don't think Linzi would like it, and as much as I detest her, I don't like getting other people sick. Steve's going to have a word with him after work and chances are he'll just stay at his mom's--it's not like we'll be doing anything extraordinary this weekend anyway -.-

But, on top of being stuffy, I started PMSing bad the other day. So, it's like my body is doing all it's bad stuff in one go, which is nice I suppose, I'd hate for my cold to get better but then I start doing my monthly thing. I've started keeping track of it on google calendar since, while it's regular, I oftentimes have to sit and really think about when my cycle is (doctors just love it when I do that). So, I just keep tabs on it on my calendar so I can have some idea. It's fairly regular at least, and while we haven't technically be trying for a baby recently (I won't go into details why, it's just something kinda outside of our control) I'm still a bit miffed it came on. But, whatever I guess.

I'm trying to decide if I want to read Dune again. It's been a while since I last read it, but I also need to make a dent in my Wheel of Time series. Urgh, choices. But I have the urge for some space drama, and I have the soundtrack, and I don't know. God, me and my horrible problems in life, I don't know how I do it sometimes :P

I also quietly removed some people from my friend's list. Just couldn't really be arsed anymore, it was more trouble than it was worth. Wish them the best of luck I suppose, but I wasn't feeling particularly comfortable on LJ anymore because of it. The end.


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