Jan. 21st, 2010


Jan. 21st, 2010 11:15 am
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+Sorting out my library card tonight, it's been decided. Iain has some books he needs to take back, so Steve said we could take a walk down there after work and sort me out. I'm a bit excited, I love free books, even if I have to turn them in when I'm done. I also need to go to Boots afterward to pick up Steve's prescription, along with another tube of makeup for Conception.

+Steve's mum is offering me a load of books that her husband wants to give to the charity shop. She thought I might be interested since we read similar things (i.e. sci-fi/fantasy), so we'll see when she brings them around. I'll probably read them, since there's very few things I don't read.

+We'll be getting our kitteh neutered and shot up and chipped when his three-week vaccination is due. Might as well get it all done in one go even if it's going to be kinda spendy in the end.

+Need to pack for Conception still--need to get clothes washed, toiletries packed, food sorted. We shut the fridge down while we're gone so we need to eat all the food out of there before next Wednesday, which shouldn't be too difficult I suppose considering the fact that I'm PMSing and therefore eating everything in sight.

+We're thinking of getting a treadmill in the next few months, since we have room for it and we're tired of being kinda fat. I'm kinda excited since I'd love to shop on the high street, but I have a medical condition. My ass is too huge to fit.

+We're also close to booking our tickets back to the States; it's the same price for one week versus two (read: £900), so we might do two weeks in the spring and leave Thanksgiving till next year since if we take two weeks in one go, Steve won't really have the time for another visit. Plus I can't really justify the cost. I think my mom will be perfectly fine with it, since we'll have plenty of time to do stuff like beach visits and stuff while I'm there. He's going to try and book it soon before all the prices go up again, especially since now he has to use a debit card and not his credit card--but his boss said to just bring the booking email in and she'll pencil in that time as holiday for Steve, which is kew.

+Level 80 WoW burn-out; I have no real need to do random dungeons on my mage except to replace her cloak. I'm not raiding shit, so I don't need T10 really. My priest and dk could use the love, but they're not in Ebon Phoenix so I'm kinda screwed in terms of getting guild help; I really need to sort that out :( Will be pre-ordering Cataclysm at some point, since we always get it from Play.com or Amazon, who will be lovely and mail it to us right after it's released, which is awesome during the work week.

+Love teh authenticator. But it's a bit weird getting used to, especially if it's too dark to read the code properly. But I feel a lot safer, especially with Firefox and my lovely addons. Retooled my UI a bit to not look like cat vomit--X-Perl, Bartender, Recount (need to change that), and possible other ideas in teh future if I find something I *can't* live without.



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