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Feb. 5th, 2010 09:04 am
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So, a new layout. I like it, the pink of my last one was actually starting to hurt my eyes. The default font is a bit squint-worthy, but I like it nonetheless.

Oh the agenda for this weekend is the rugby game on Saturday, starting at 5pm. Spoonies is having is shown live, and me and Steve might try to get over there for dinner and a couple pints as long as we can drop off the kids right at 4pm and get back over here to get decent seats. Last night we had their Thursday curry club deal with a chicken balti--not horrible, but not as good as the Poppadoms here in Daventry. But then again, it was only £6 pounds, and we got a 20% DHL discount (yes, DHL DIDC, Crick finally started using photo ID badges, and Steve got his on Wednesday). It was a bit warm, and while Steve couldn't quite finish his I could, since I think I was given far too much hot sauce/Mexican food as a baby, or it's written in my DNA or something to stomach heat.

Speaking of food, I think I'll be eating *a lot* when we visit the States. I'm thinking a Taco Bell run is in order on the way home from the airport even though it's going to be 10pm, but goddamn I miss my chicken fiesta burritos. We'll also be doing a Mazatlan run (the best Mexican restaurant in Beaverton, IMHO), find some place for a decent steak since I think Steve could use one, and my mom plans on doing tons of cooking since she's fucking awesome with it. She also told me she wants to take me shopping for clothes when I get there, since my birthday is in May, and she thinks it'd be easier to just celebrate it while I'm there than buy stuff and ship it over to the UK--it saves money, and the RM sucks cock, so there you go. I also need to get Steve's birthday present for March 29th--but I'm thinking I might buy something online and have it shipped to my mom's house since it's easiest, and I'll give it to him when we fly into town in April. Loads of websites like Jinx will ship to the UK, but they don't factor VAT and custom fees into their prices, so basically you can get screwed buying a £15 wallet or whatever, and I'm not too comfortable doing that. My mom already gave me permission to send stuff to the house, so I might do it that way and just get Steve a really nice card and small stuff like that for his actual birthday.

I also somehow have lost my marriage certificate somewhere in the house--it's not in my purse, and I can't find it in the front room, urgh. No big deal I guess since I can order a couple more from Washington County and have those mailed to my mom's house as well, but it's slightly annoying that it somehow teleported it another dimension (obviously).

I noticed something yesterday when I went to top up our gas and electric at the corner shop--every time I walk up Sheaf Street, there's a lingerie shop on it (along with the eleventy billion hair salons). It's got some pretty stuff in the window, but I'm way too fat for anything that is sold in the town center, and it's just goddamn depressing when I walk by, but when I take another way home and I don't pass by it, I'm fine. It's just a reminder that there's a lot of things that I can't do because of my weight, and my life would be way easier if I could just go into any shop for clothes instead of being restricted to two or three places since I have a fat ass. But then I get so depressed I don't want to do anything about it either, and I just comfort myself with food or booze or whatever is handy that makes me feel better (though it's mainly food, I don't drink by myself). I know Steve wants to get a treadmill for the front room since he thinks he's fat, and he doesn't want to have to take more meds (since his Crohns medication is dependent on his weight), and I like to think if we did that I'd be more keen on being more active, but we'll see. It's something that will have to wait until after we come back from the States since all of the money he's saving till then is going into his holiday account and to pay back the money he used to buy the tickets.

I guess Ella's being made fun of at school for her weight as well--but she's fat from fat :( She's a bit tall for her age, and she might be a couple pounds overweight, but that's not even the issue. Even if she was 20 stone no kid should be treated like that--no one knew it was happening till just a couple days ago when she told Steve and his ex wife. Steve basically said we're taking Ella over to the States next year, since she seems more excited/upset about it than Aidan--he'll think about it for all of 10 seconds before moving on to something else, as where Ella gets a bit down about the thing (even though she tries to hide it a lot).

Oh, and did I mention her mother is a fat whore? Oh yeah, I did. My bad. And she'll blow guys for cannabis, so if any of your male friends want lazy, half-hearted oral, I'll pass on her mobile number.



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