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Feb. 8th, 2010 08:43 am
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Oh England, you played beautifully on Saturday. Wales did put up a good fight, but Johnny Wilkinson was just made of too much win, even if the English uniforms got a bit muddy (but at least the English are ballsy enough to wear white on a rugby field--I'm looking at you, France). Plenty of beers were had, and Steve and Roger provided excellent commentary; we were going to go down to Spoonies, but Roger needs to have BBC Radio played in order to follow the game and Spoonies relies on captions, so we stayed in since Steve can play BBC One TV with BBC Radio playing over it. The victory that night called for a delicious evil kebab from the chippy afterwards, and a full English breakfast with fried bread in the morning. Steve also says he'll find a way to get me an England rugby jersey like his, along with a Northampton Saints jersey from the shop up in Northampton proper.

So, Wales, you sucked on Saturday, you taffies (as Roger affectionately calls them). Scotland was a bit poor on Sunday, shame on you--you started all right, but lost heart and the French picked up on that. And we all know that I'm hardly a fan of the French, there's a layer of hell reserved for that country.

I'm sniffly, so I think my allergies are kicking off again. The kitten keeps dumping his water bowl over so I think we need to invest in a heavier one this week.

And I don't have much beyond that to say right now I guess, possibly more later depending on what I fancy. I'm like that.


Forgot to add: England's rugby team boasts a couple of Northampton's peeps--Dylan Hartley, Courtney Lawes, Chris Ashton and Ben Foden. Fuck yes.
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I'm more awake now, so I suppose I can write about something else besides rugby--on that note, I need to keep an eye out for any decent Northampton Saint matches we can go to here since Steve has his heart set on taking me to a live game (or more than one, depending on what the future holds). Like it's been said, soccer is a game of gentlemen played by barbarians--rugby is a game of barbarians played by gentlemen. You don't get the 'zomg riots' of soccer with rugby since all the aggression is out on the field to begin with, and the crowd is *actually fucking engaged* with the game. With soccer they kick a stupid ball around and *maybe* a team might score a goal. But there's some sort of visceral enjoyment I get out of watching English rugby players jump all over each other and wrestle for the ball.

With that said, Steve used to play it in his early days (hawt); he said he used to shit talk the other team during scrums, and everyone would talk about each others moms to get them worked up so they'd fight harder for the ball.

Also like I said earlier, we need to sort out the kitten's food and water bowl, since he has this insane need to flip it all over. Pepper used to do that too till we got him heavy fucking bowls he can't move, so I guess it's time to upgrade--I'm sick of trying to sleep at night and hearing the metal hit our hallway floor when he's flipped it over and spilled water everywhere. Shitbag.

I'm still playing WoW (obviously). I'm trying to get my druid to 60 to run with Steve in Outland, and I'm 59.5 at the moment. I played all day yesterday so now I'm taking a break for a while, especially since it's Love is in the Air this week, so I have to get charms and all that shit on my mage. Speaking of my mage, I've committed to plunking down the greens (or gold) to grind her enchanting since I'm just lazy--last night I went from 11 to 180 while watching two hours of Blackadder, and the money can always be made up later.

Steve's on me to get to the doctor, if only because I *still* haven't been to see her. I just can't be motivated since I really haven't seen one in four years, and I'm in the mindset of 'go if I think I need to, not just for the sake of it'. I used to have to go in every 6 months because of my Happy Pills, and I'm sure there's some stuff that I could get put back on (maybe BC? maybe Happy Pills?) but I'm dreading getting the fat talk. The one where the doctor acts like you didn't notice that you were horribly obese so you obviously need to be made aware of the fact. Steve says Dr. Davies is nice enough (very much a hippy soft spoken type) but I'm still chicken shit. I especially need to do it since for future citizenship applications I'm sure I'll need some references and she would be one of them, but urgh. Making the appointment is insanely difficult for me, but then again, Steve fights against going sometimes as well so there you go.

I'm not sure what my plans are for this weekend really--it's Valentine's Day on Sunday, but I believe there's also some rugby on at some point. So I don't know if it'll be me and Steve, or me, Steve and Roger watching the game, or whatever. And we learned this last weekend that Roger is seriously considering flying out to SoCal to meet his Yankee flame--he's priced some flights for as low as £300--it's through Amsterdam, but he's on disability so the savings are helpful. Steve mentioned possibly flying that route someday, and while I'm not *thrilled* by it, it would save us some money for when we take one of the kids over.

And that's about it. Yeah. And stuff.

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  • 12:14 I need to learn how to write a goddamn tweet. 140 characters or less? Balls... #
  • 13:20 Current State of the WoW: Alyza needs to do V-Day stuff, Sacagawea needs to get to 60 asap. Everyone else is just...there. I hope. Maybe. #
  • 18:19 farming lovely charms in Ulduar *is* fun and fucking easy, fo realz. Still need a truesilver rod though, c'mon Hellscream EU (horde) AH! #
  • 18:57 fuck you, laggy Hellscream--die! >.< #
  • 19:56 so, basically loads of EU realms are hit with the lag stick. Great. Will sort everything out in the morning since now I just can't be arsed #
  • 20:29 at least now Blizzard *mentions* the lag in their Breaking News--fair enough. Hopefully it's sorted in the mornings... #
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