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Feb. 15th, 2010 09:25 am
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What could top my first Valentine's Day in the UK than an English victory over Italy? Not much.

Well, it could of been a better game. It was glorified version of soccer for portions of it (i.e. England would kick the ball to Italy's 22, Italy would kick it back to England's 22, rinse, repeat) but it was still a decent victory at 12-17 England. But it wasn't *really* as exciting as Wales last weekend, but I'm a bit nervous about the England/Ireland matchup in two weeks, since if England can beat Ireland, they'll get the Triple Crown (Scotland and Wales have lost the matches they've had against each other and England/Ireland, so they're out but they're still in the running for the Six Nations of course).

It was pretty awesome though since Roger offered to meet us at the ex-servicemen's club to watch the second half, and half the people in there had their England rugby jerseys on. It's quite easy to get into the game when everyone around you is excited about it, and it's not a terribly difficult game to follow really. Soccer bores me to tears since a game can go on for an hour without *anyone* scoring a goddamn goal; at least in rugby there's full-contact, and quite a bit of physicality and aggression to keep the spectators happy--but most of the time that aggression stays on the field (there's a few occassions where two people might push off against each other but they're pretty good about getting that under control). It can be a bloody, brutal game, but when played by decent teams, it can be a brilliant game as well, so soccer can go fuck itself (and please take David Beckham with you, England doesn't want him, and the US is sick of him).

The past couple days I've had brutal sinus headaches when I wake up in the morning; usually they subside by afternoon/evening, but it's frustrating to wake up to. I'm going to throw the pillows in the dryer to see if I can get rid of any dust or mites or anything that might be giving me problems at night, and I need to wash the sheets anyway, so yeah. This week I'm going to tackle the house as best as I can--one day is going to be the kitchen (refridgerator, stove/oven, floor, microwave, etc), one day is going to be the front room/hallway (floors, dusting mainly), and one day will be the bathroom (bath/shower, toilet [even though I do that on a weekly basis as well]).

Steve managed to get the couch we had in our back garden down to the tip without having to pay the council to do it; the neighbors let us borrow their sledgehammer and he tore it apart so it'd fit in his car, so now it looks much better in the back. All we need to do is sort out the rest of the concrete and buy the shed--the shed would probably only take a day to put up, the concrete is a bit harder since Steve's not that familiar with laying it down, but we'll see. It definitely has to wait until the weather stabilizes a bit more since if it starts raining while the concrete is wet, we're fucked, and why waste the materials?

Our Valentine's Day dinner was American style pancakes and a blueberry maple syrup we saw Nigella Lawson making on TV. After three pints of cider they were heavenly, and it's weird how badly I missed it considering I never really ate many pancakes while in the States--but this time they were awesome. I just can't wait until I can have some of my mom's cooking since she's just awesome in that way, but I'm *still* not looking forward to the flying bit. But I also go through this every time I fly, where the time leading up to it is worse than the flying itself. Anxiety is a fucking bitch.

But to be perfectly honest about Valentine's Day, it wasn't a big deal over in our house, and it was fine that way. I'm surprised that I was as meh about it as I was, but it kinda went on as if it was just a normal Sunday for us. We did find out that Roger is seriously considering flying to the States to see the girl he met online; he's just trying to sort out getting a new passport, and being blind, it can be even worse trying to navigate all the paperwork and sorting out if he's allowed to take his seeing-eye dog with him (I'm pretty damn sure he can, but we're not sure what paperwork is required or what needs to be done before they travel). I'm excited for them since they seem to be a good match, and she sent him a present and he sent her a dozen red roses, which is pretty srs buiznez. I did learn yesterday that the first year Steve and I were together, he had gone to the flower shop here in Daventry to find out if he could send me flowers for Valentine's Day--they could, but it was going to be really expensive, and he then decided he'd just get me a ring instead since it'd last longer. So, that was my 'something new learned' for the day.

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