Mar. 17th, 2010


Mar. 17th, 2010 09:26 am
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Steve was an absolute doll and set the desk and PC up for me last night, so here I am. He also hooked up his delicious butt-fucking huge screen, but I need to patch and put all my addons on before really being able to play WoW. But, it's a step up from using a goddamn ipod-while they're great for music and e-reading and stuff, safari can kiss my ass.

But, I really haven't had an urge to play WoW the past couple of days. Steve bought me Final Fantasy XIII for Mother's Day and my god, it's a beautiful game. It looks amazing on his telly, especially if you play it at night when it's dark and all the colors really come out. It's a bit linear compared to other FF games, but I'm getting a good grasp on the battle system, and it provides a nice change of pace from the older games where you had to control each character's attack, which got tedious after a while. Now, you switch between different party make-ups (like a tank, medic, caster, or two medics, or a buffer, or whatever), and you only control the 'main' character while the others act independently. And as annoying as she is, I'm digging Vanille at the moment, though Sazh is a close second--how could you *not* love the dude with a baby chocobo in his fro?

I have the urge to rent a few other games for the PS3, but Steve lost his Blockbuster card and he has to be the one to go in and get a replacement. I'd like to try something like Resident Evil 5, or Grand Theft Auto 4, or Silent Hill--or anything awesome, and scary, and adult. I'd also like to see what other RPG options there are as well, but all that will have to wait until after April. I'm going to be bringing my PS2 and Wii back here with me since Steve says he can set them up easily enough (his exact quote was 'it'll be a piece of piss'), and I'll have more than enough US games to play on them. It'll be a lot easier to bring them back here than I thought it would, since now I'm not taking my laptop, so I could even feasibly bring them over in my small suitcase that I used as my carry-on last time--hell if I'm leaving any of it to get lost/stolen.

Speaking of April, I'm starting the OMG FREAKOUT mode. Steve reminded me last night that it's about a month until we leave, and now I'm doing the flying freakout dance in my head. I know it'll be fine, and usually the day-of I'm okay, it's just the anticipatory anxiety that gets on my tits after a while. Steve says we need to make a list of things to do/buy before leaving, since I think he's trying to focus my mind a bit so it doesn't spend loads of time being anxious--that, and he said to keep thinking about tacos and burritos and I'll be fine.

I just think it's a piece of shit that we have to put the cat in a hotel when his mom has a perfectly good spare room that he could stay in. We'd pay her 20 quid or so with all his food and litter, but I guess it's too much for her to do--the same with getting a ride to the airport. We're getting that, but we have to sort ourselves out when we fly back in, so we'll be taking the train back from Birmingham into Northampton, where his mom will pick us up since his car will be at their house. Gee, thanks MIL. I can't wait to navigate a train system after 27 hours in transit just because getting up at 5am *two* days out of a year is such a hassle. Especially when they quite willingly jump over to his sister's new council house to tear everything apart and redecorate it for weeks on end pro bono. But heaven forbid we get two rides or have our cat stay at their place, since cats are *such* work, what with feeding them once a day and scooping out the box. His mother makes my head hurt lately :(

Now that the PMS-inspired rant is over, I'm going to finish sorting this machine out. Steve mentioned the laptop woes to the IT guy at work, and he said he thinks it's either a hard drive issue, or the cd rom drive that's dead and making the machine act up--so, Steve said he'll try to disable the drive this weekend and see if it behaves. So, there's still hope yet, but if not, I'll be on the PC for the forseeable future since they're much easier to upgrade anyway. But, now I get to sit in the corner, lame.



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