Apr. 1st, 2010

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Apr. 1st, 2010 08:23 am
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I honestly don't really know what to post today. I've really fallen off the LJ bandwagon the past couple of weeks, but for some reason I feel like I need to post. Maybe it's boredom, or because it's cold, or because I'm playing babysitter today. Dunno.

Less than two weeks before we fly out to the States--Steve has been sorting out stuff he wants to see while he's there. Me, not so much--I'm not really concerned about what I see as much as hanging out with my mom, and shopping, and eating, and just relaxing. But, I got to get through the flying bit first, which--urgh. I know rationally it'll be fine, but it stresses me out like you'd never believe, especially the weeks leading up to the flight. I can't sleep very well at night because of it, since I think about all the crap I need to pack beforehand, and all the customs/immigration and urgh. My first stop in the States isn't my only stop unfortunately--7 hours from Birmingham to Newark, then a 6 hour layover, then 5 hours from Newark to Portland.

But, it's a bank holiday weekend which is nice, since Steve will be home tomorrow and Monday. It's also the start of Easter break, so Iain is home now--he's sorting out his room at the moment since he was given a huge list of crap by his dad to sort out before he can get on the computer. Thankfully I'll spend most of the day with my back to him since the couch is *behind* me while I'm at the desk, but then again I don't particularly like sitting at the desk anyway : /

Curry and beer on Saturday night with Roger, who wants to see us before we go on holiday. He's still sorting out his own passport before he can book anything--it was delayed since the Home Office was upset that in his passport photo, he wasn't looking straight ahead. They obviously ignored all the crap he told them about him being *legally blind*, so who knows when he'll get it. But it'll be nice to relax since really, I've been kinda on edge for a week or so. Just need to get through Friday night and Saturday; with that said, Steve's mom is coming over on Saturday to see the kids and give them their Easter gifts so that will burn some time.

And now I run into a brick wall of not really knowing what to say. Meh. Need more coffee I guess.



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