Jun. 7th, 2010


Jun. 7th, 2010 11:10 am
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Epic fail on Saturday night--Steve threw his back out when we were out at the pub. We were sat outside in the beer garden at picnic tables when it started to piss down rain and lightning--so we went to get up and go outside. While doing so, he twisted his back wrong, but he brushed it off since it twinges every so often and it's usually no big deal. But, it got worse as the night went on, and we had to leave early since it was really starting to play up.

Cue Steve on the floor since he had a spasm when he tried to lay down and rolled off the bed to relieve it--thankfully Ella's mattress is down there, so he was able to sleep on that relatively comfortably. He was hurting so bad he finally called 999 since he couldn't get through to After Hours care, and a couple hours later they dispatched a paramedic who did what he could--he tried to do some leg tests (i.e. bringing Steve's knees up to his chest, etc) but it was too painful, even after he gave him some laughing gas to try and relax him. So, the paramedic prescribed some diazepam (which Steve loves since he uses it go to go the dentist with), codeine for the pain, and diclofenac for the inflammation. I'm not sure if he's going to go see a GP or not even though the paramedic recommended he do so--it's one of those things that has to clear up on its own. With that said, we may have to go anyway so he can get a note from his doctor for work, since he can't picture being able to go back in until the middle of the week.

So now we're upstairs since he can't sit at his desk, but I brought his laptop up so he could play WoW. He got my old laptop working again (for the time being) but I'm not playing WoW or anything on it since my UI would be all fucked anyway. But egads, I was so scared for him Saturday night since I've never seen him in such agony before, but the meds seem to be doing their job and Steve seems pretty optimistic about the whole thing. Thankfully this has only played up twice in the last 15 years, and we both might try to make appointments tomorrow with Dr. Davies since I need to go back for a follow up after my blood pressure/ECG results.

Speaking of doctors, my pap smear went fairly well last week--it was all done in five minutes, and it didn't hurt as much as last time. The nurse was fairly nice, but I'm kicking myself since I told her to shred the letter they sent in the post when I should of kept it for Ye Olde All Might UKBA, but meh.

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