Jan. 5th, 2010


Jan. 5th, 2010 11:02 am
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Herp de derp de derp.

I somehow managed to mangle my foot last night when I was putting on a DVD when we went to bed. There's a small single mattress on the floor kinda in front of the telly in our bedroom where Ella sleeps on Friday nights--we definitely can't put her in the boy's room and there's no where else to put her. It's a bit wobbly when you're standing on it to put on a DVD, and when I stepped off of it, I also managed to trip over one of my trainers as well. Thankfully I didn't fall, since if I would of it would of been smack into my dresser, but my foot kinda bent underneath me. It's a sore mofo this morning, and I'm hobbling around a little, but it could be worse--more embarrassing than anything else, but Steve then gave me a mini foot massage to try and make it better, so yay?

Speaking of the devil, he'll be home early today since he has a gastroenterology appointment today in Northampton--of course it's at 3pm, the absolute worst time to drive in Northampton, but he'll be getting off at noon so he can shower and eat before we leave. As far as I know it's routine, since he hasn't seen his gastroenterologist in two years--he basically sees him every time he has a colonoscopy. Iain has scouts tonight, so he'll be at his mom's until he goes there, then Steve will pick him up at 9pm, so we'll have a bit of quiet time after the appointment which is nice.

Saturday night will be a bit boring though--Steve's going out to the pub with his mates, so it's me and the kitten this Saturday night. I'm a bit bummed--not because he's going out on his own, since he needs that. It's just a reminder that I have 0 friends out here unless they're Steve's mates, and I have no plans I can make when Steve decides to go out on his own. It's not the end of the world, I'll probably be on WoW somewhere--and I think Most Haunted Live is on this weekend so I'll watch that. We also have to pack for Conception at the end of this month--we're trying to get everything into one duffel bag since Steve's driving two other people down with us (one of them is Roger since he obviously can't drive himself) and the trunk can only take so much luggage. We'll see how it works out having a girl along since mostly it's just blokes--I need to take my shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, plug adapter (since it's a US hair dryer), makeup, nail supplies, deoderant, perfume, etc. I'll have to go to Boots or Superdrug to find a makeup/toiletries bag--I'm not looking to spend £30 or anything, but something nice that I can use not only on this trip, but for the States as well.

It seems that the Royal Bank of Scotland have decided to drop Steve's credit card limit to £500 for no good reason, which means he can't book airline tickets with it--he's phoning them up today to see what the problem is, and depending on that phone call he might very well cancel it all together. He only uses it for christmas shopping (which is already paid off), airline tickets, and 6 months of WoW subscription--all things he can do with his bank cards. We'll still manage to get our plane tickets for this year, it's just a slight pain in the ass really.

Now that I'm absolutely freezing my ass off, I need to go get ready for Steve's appointment. Maybe then I won't feel like a goddamn popcicle >.<



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